Retro 107 Map
DR Zero 107 map

1. Shield: Take the shield on the armor.
2. Shoe: Open white box. Get a shoe.
3. Platform: Place shield on the platform in the center of the room.
4. Window: Dismantle shoe. Get a heel. Dismantle the heel. Get a key. Use the key on the window on the left wall. Open the window. The light will enter the room and shine upon the shield in the center of the room, and reflect on the solar panel on the other side of the wall.
DR Zero 107 shoeDR Zero 107 heel

DR Zero 107 keyDR Zero 107 window

DR Zero 107 solar panel
5. Machine: The solar panel powered up the machine with two light bulbs. Check out the machine. Press the green button. The light bulbs will start blinking. Notice the sequence of the left light bulb: 4-2-3-6.
DR Zero 107 blinking
6. Keypad: Enter password: 4236. The door is unlocked. Exit room 107.
DR Zero 107 keypad


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