Stuck with the dog and cat puzzle to unlock the door? Use this easy to follow walkthrough hints to help you beat the level!

Toy 401 Map
DR Zero 401 Map locations

Toy 401 Walkthrough

1. Stick: Take bamboo stick with string on the sofa.
2. Magnet: Grab magnet on the wall shelf.
3. Sandbox: Combine stick and magnet. Use the magnet on the sandbox. You will get a hairball. Dismantle the stick and hairball. Repeat steps three times until you get a fish bone and a bone.
DR Zero 401 magnetDR Zero 401 use stick

DR Zero 401 hair ballDR Zero 401 sandbox

DR Zero 401 bones
4. Cat: Place fish bone in the cat’s bowl.
5. Dog: Place bone in dog’s bowl.
6. Hint: Pick up hint on the floor.
DR Zero 401 bowls
7. Keypad: Dismantle the hint. A nine square paper is marked with paw prints. The top right box has an extra square attached. Go to the keypad by the door. Tap on the buttons as indicate on the hint and tap the one on the top right twice. Door is now unlocked. Exit stage 401 and escape.
o o 2x
x o x
o x o
DR Zero 401 paw printsDR Zero 401 keypad


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