Stuck in the train conductor room Toy 410? Follow the steps to help you solve line maze, and figure out the colored button combinations. Get the entire walkthrough now.

Toy 410 Map
DR Zero 410 Map

Toy 410 Walkthrough
1. Octopus: Grab octopus toy on the shelf.
2. Hammer: Pick up a hammer on the shelf.
3. Banana: Open drawer. Get a banana.
4. Monkey: Give the banana to the monkey. Monkey will drop a key on the wood stud.
5. Key: Pick up the key.
6. Ink: Use the octopus on the paper on the easel. Hidden lines will appear. Walk the maze. This line maze requires you to make a turn every time you are a crossroad crossing another horizontal line. After solving the maze, get combination:

Octopus – 5
Bear – 2
Pumpkin – 7
Robot – 8
DR Zero 410 octopusDR Zero 410 maze
7. Box: Locate locked box on the table. Enter password combination: 5278. Get a screwdriver.
DR Zero 410 screwdriver
8. Horse: Use the screwdriver on the rocking horse. Get a train conductor toy.
DR Zero 410 horseDR Zero 410 conductor
9. Train: Place the conductor on the train. Get a handle.
DR Zero 410 use conductorDR Zero 410 handle
10. Tree: Insert handle. Open the door. Dismantle hammer.
Get a switch handle. Insert the switch handle. Turn switch to on.
DR Zero 410 insert handleDR Zero 410 turn handle

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DR Zero 410 dismantle hammerDR Zero 410 round handle

DR Zero 410 switch
11. Safe: Get battery from safe.
DR Zero 410 battery
12. Light: Remove star light cover. Insert battery. Notice the color of the star when you tap on it:
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

Go back to the safe. Press on the buttons in the corresponding color. Get a locked box.
DR Zero 410 lightDR Zero 410 use battery

DR Zero 410 colorDR Zero 410 box
13. Door: Combine key and locked box. Get combination: 59314. Use the combination to unlock the door. You have escaped toy stage 410!
DR Zero 410 unlockDR Zero 410 password

DR Zero 410 keypad