Chapter 4-3 features some wheels and gears that you have to place to escape. If you are stuck with this room, we have the perfect and easy to understand solution for you.

DR 4-3 Room

First of all, pick up everything that you can see lying around the room:

1. Gear on the skeleton’s neck.
2. Gear on the skeleton.
3. The note on the skeleton’s hand.
4. The gear on the floor.
5. Pick up the hammer.
6. Pick up the metal stick.

7. Combine the metal stick with the hammer. Use the hammer on the upper ceiling. Notice a hexagon shape.
DR 4-3 Stick CombineDR 4-3 Ceiling Wheel

8. Pick up the dropped black wheel on the floor.
DR 4-3 Dropped Wheel

9. Knock the man over.

10/11: After you knock the man over, pick up the Green and red gears on the floor.
DR 4-3 Man Fall Down

Combine the Yellow and Blue gears to make a “green” gear.
DR 4-3 Green Wheel Combine

12: Observe the final lock with the different gears.
DR 4-3 Clue

Place the gears in the order from left to right: Red, Blue/Yellow, black. Door will appear. You have escaped.
DR 4-3 PuzzleDR 4-3 Solution


Chapter 4-3 | Doors & Rooms — 22 Comments

  1. i think the red one is 18 cause it has 12 gear points +6 cross lines going through. as for the black one being the gear with a hexagon on it, i think that is because that was the bolt that held it up originally

  2. the green one will disassemble but won’t go back together again. i thought you would combine the red and green and then you’d have 18 teeth….but they won’t combine. and with one of the cogs being green already, this was a mean trap….. this room makes no sense.

    • Green color is obtained by mixing these two primary colors which are yellow and blue. This is why you have to mix yellow and blue gears which is equivalent to “green” on the plan.

  3. Something a little confusing about this one is that there is an actual green gear .. Which is probably thrown in there to confuse lol the hexagon clue was hard to catch onto , but I did figure out the 18 clue first . Hard thing about these levels once u try to put in the final step or code u can’t undo it

  4. mmm… the green gear was confusing because there is one real green, where does it says that they’ll be combined? and the 18 i was thinking in red or yellow for other reasons im not going to tell… but im in disagree about the green clue

    • Try observe the “real green” gear… you may see that the gear is cracked in a few places which mean that it is not supposed to be used. That’s why the green gear is the only gear that can be dismantled

    • The 18 clue is red because R= 18 letter in Alphabet.And the hexagon clue is black because before you get the black gear you need to hit the hexagon screw.But I don’t know why the green is yellow-blue gear.Maybe that is the colored combined.I guess

    • I totally agree, the logical for this level is not sync with all previous level, as it purposely design the green gear which can be disemble but is useless.

  5. Am I the only cynical one, or does anyone else think they make some of the clues impossibly unintuitive to force you to buy a hint? This is a really fun game, but I think they cheated on this level…a green gear that breaks up but ultimately does nothing, specifically to confuse you about the blue and yellow ones, then that ridiculously obscure 18 clue? Com’mon guys.

    • Green color is obtained by mixing these two primary colors which are yellow and blue. This is why you have to mix yellow and blue gears which is equivalent to “green” on the plan.

  6. Being able to dissemble the green gear shows that it is broken, therefore not useful. I really didn’t like this stage at all. You were never going to grasp the idea of having to combine yellow and blue to make green! The hexagon was stupid! You basically had to either buy a hint, use trial and error, or end up on this website looking at the guide. Smh.

  7. Red is top left because R is 18th letter of the alphabet or that’s the number of pegs/spaces not sure which they used, unless both. Green is the color combination of Blue and Yellow. Black is top right because when you remove the bolt it is the same shape as the one shown on the paper.

  8. Took me a few times to realize that you don’t pick up the purple gear at all. You have to leave it around the skeleton’s neck or you won’t get out.

  9. this is my idea , that corpse ‘ the skeleton ‘ died because he follow the paper and place the red gear , green gear , and black gear inside the machine . That means that not supposed to be green gear , and should be place the yellow gear and the blue gear , this is my idea

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