DR 6-9 Room

1. Pick up the light bulb from the lamp.
2. Pick up the fly swatter on the floor.
3. Obtain the musical notes from the piano.

4. Use the fly swatter against the fly on the bread. Grab the fly after you swat it.
DR 6-9 Bug Feed

5. Place the bug on the spider web, grab the white thing after the spider moves to the bug.
DR 6-9 Bug Kill

6. Dismantle the white thing and obtain a key. Use the key to open the basement.
DR 6-9 Egg Dismantle

7 and 8. Pick up the ligh bulbs on the floor.

9. Place the three bulbs into the board, and check the musical notes. Your goal is to place the different switches to the musical notes position. You will then be able to tell the secret code based on the light bulbs.
DR 6-9 Musical Notes

DR 6-9 Note 1DR 6-9 Note 1 Answer

DR 6-9 Note 2DR 6-9 Note 2 Answer

DR 6-9 Note 3DR 6-9 Note 3 Answer

DR 6-9 Note 4DR 6-9 Note 4 Answer

10. The secret code to unlock the room is 5749.

DR 6-9 Final Solution

Speed Escape Note
Do the steps to unlock the basement, and simply type in 5749 to escape from the room.


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