The room 7-2 is a little harder than the previous one. However, with our detailed walkthrough, you will be able to pass this room in no time.

DR 7-2 Room

1. Pick up the hammer lying on the floor.
2. Use the hammer on the glass to obtain the fire extinguisher.

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3. Dismantle the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire to put it out.
DR 7-2 Fire ExtinguisherDR 7-2 Put Out Fire

4. Observe the computer screen and note the color sequence: Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue. You will use it to come up with a solution to open up the next screen.
DR 7-2 Ambulance Screen

5. Check the panel and note a bunch of numbers connected through the colors. Use the color clue in the previous screen to come up with the solution.
DR 7-2 ClueDR 7-2 Code

After solving the puzzle, the computer screen changes with a new clue.
DR 7-2 Maze Clue

6. Remember the previous puzzle? You can now use the sequence to open up the box. Simply follow the pattern and go with the Circles. If you are not sure how to read the chart puzzle. Below is the sequence:

Right, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right

After opening the key box, grab the id card.
DR 7-2 Key BoxDR 7-2 Obtain Key

7. Place the serial card into the slot, remember to grab the card afterward. Observe the card to get the user serial ID: 860804
DR 7-2 Place Key CardDR 7-2 Obtain Serial Key

8. Check the screen to get a “open” clue. Your goal in this puzzle is to solve for OPEN.
DR 7-2 Open ClueDR 7-2 Burned Note

Let us walk you through this puzzle, each of the number is simply the product of the two variables.
T = 2.
AT = 6, which makes A = 3
AN = 24, which makes N = 8
EN = 40, which makes E = 5
ER = 30, which makes R = 6
RC = 12, which makes C = 2
CQ = 6, which makes Q = 3
OQ = 21, which makes O = 7
OP = 63, which makes P = 9

Now put together the “OPEN” and you will get 7958

9. Armed with the codes to pass the stage, now tap number 9 to open up the lock screen.

Your first set of serial number code is 860804
Your password solution is 7958

DR 7-2 Unlock CodeDR 7-2 Final Code

10. After inputting both of the answers, you can now escape and pass the room!


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  1. At the “x” and “o” puzzle and having trouble. I don’t understand what puzzle the pattern applies to. The colored numbers we just used is now gone (that’s the only “previous puzzle” on this level). What am I applying the pattern to?

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