In stage 18 of Doors and Rooms 2, you are trapped in an Aztec temple. You need to first find the missing piece to a stone statue, decipher a puzzle, and use the key to reveal a trapdoor. Please use our walkthrough to help you solve the puzzle and escape! Let us know if you are still having trouble beating the stage by leaving comments.

We have divided the walkthrough guide into 3 sections to help you backtrack if you have already passed the stage. If you are aiming for 100% three star completion the first time around, simply follow the steps in order.
Main Escape | Bonus Star | Quiz Solution


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Main Escape

1. Eyeball: There are three statues on the wall. The center statue is missing its eyeballs. The first eyeball can be found on the statue on the right.
2. Flashlight: Pick up the flashlight on the floor.
3. Tripod: Install the flashlight on the tripod. The light will shine on the statue on the right.
4. Second Eyeball: The statue will “cover” its face when the light shines upon it. Grab the second eyeball from the statue’s chest.
5. Teeth: Go to the center statue. Install the eyeballs.
6. Puzzle: Locate puzzle on one of the walls. Notice how the teeth resemble the center statue. Each face has different teethes missing.

Go back to the center statue. Tap on the teeth to match each faces. The eyes rotate based on the teeth configuration. Go back to the puzzle and modify the eyes accordingly. When all four are modified, a secret compartment will be revealed. You can also use the configuration from the last picture as instant answer for this puzzle.


DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage18_face_inanddown DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage18_face_upandright

7. Door: Insert the stone plate on a circular spot on the floor. The trapdoor then reveals for you to escape from the temple room.

Bonus Star

B1. Look into the bowl at the bottom-left corner. Remove the ashes to reveal a stick with star decoration. Take it and get the credit of Bonus Star.


Q1. Locate quiz at the bottom of a pillar. The image resembles the center statue.
Q2. Go back to the center statue. Modify the teeth accordingly, notice the eyeballs orientation change. Given the hint on the quiz H:M. The left eyeball represents the hour and right eyeball represents the minutes. The time is 12:45. Enter password: 1245 and finish the quiz.
DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage18_quiz DoorsandRooms2_ch1_stage18_quiz_face


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