Chapter 3 is now released. Five new stages are added. The adventure starts in the white house and explore hidden rooms underground. We will again indicate all the available resources and presenting steps to solve all the puzzles. To escape Chapter 3 Stage 1, you will need to find a secret passage way hidden beneath the desk. This walkthrough guide you through every single step so that you can escape without a sweat. Please leave comments if you are still stuck or confused after reading our guide. Thank you!

We have divided the walkthrough guide into 3 sections to help you backtrack if you have already passed the stage. If you are aiming for 100% three star completion the first time around, simply follow the steps in order.

Main Escape | Bonus Star | Quiz Solution


Main Escape

1. Picture Clue: Grab the picture from the shelf. The picture has symbols of a bear, eagle, and Indian man. Each symbol is accompanied with a set of asterisks.
2. Portrait: Locate safe behind the portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Follow the steps below to unlock the safe using the picture clue. There are four arrows: left arrow, right arrow, arrow with #3, arrow with #2. The left and right arrow control the image on the display. The arrows with #3 and #2 control the signal lights position.
DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_bear DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_eagle

DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_indian DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_prism
a. Tap on the right arrow once, so the image of bear appear on the display.
b. Tap on the arrow with #3 once. The second signal light will turn on, and the bear image will also light up. The asterisk on the picture clue corresponds to the light that will unlock each image.
c. Tap on the right arrow once, so the image of eagle appear on the display.
d. Tap on the arrow with #3 once and arrow with #2 once. The fifth signal light will turn on, and the eagle image will also light up.
e. Tap on the right arrow once, so the image of an Indian man appear on the display.
f. Tap on the arrow with #3 once and arrow with #2 once. The fourth signal light will turn on, and the Indian man image will also light up.
g. Turn the handle to open the safe. Retrieve a blue prism.
3. Carpet: Check the eagle on the carpet in the center of the room. Notice there are six red bars on the shield. From left to right: flat, extended, indented, extended, extended, flat.
4. Statue: Go over the the eagle statue. There are six buttons on the pedestal. From left to right, press first button once. Press third button twice. Press the sixth button once. Then, tap on the blue triangle at the top. Retrieve a blue upside down triangle.
DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_statue DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_triangle
5. Desk: Check the desk. Insert the blue prism and blue upside down triangle. You have found a secret passage way.
DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_desk DoorsandRooms2_ch3_stage1_open



B1. Go back to the safe. Close the safe door. Press on the right arrow to change the display to a star image. Tap on the arrow with #3 once. The bonus star will appear. Grab the star.


Q1. Take another look at the eagle on the carpet. Notice the eagle holding an olive branch and arrows.
Q2. Locate quiz on the sofa. Count the number of olive leaves (13). Count the number of olives (13). Count the number of arrowheads (13).

13*13/13= 13

Enter 13 in the quiz. You have solve the quiz.


Chapter 3 Stage 1 | Doors & Rooms 2 — 5 Comments

    • The Hand of God allows solves certain puzzles for you. If you see its icon, then you have the option to employ the Hand rather than trying to solve the puzzle yourself. You will receive a reward in the Achievements section when you utilize it for the first time. Good luck!!

  1. After you’ve opened a safe there’s no way to close the safe door back. In other words if you have not grabbed the star before you’ve opened a safe you would never get it

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