Stage 7 Walkthrough:
DR3 2-7 map main

DR3 2-7 map stairway

DR3 2-7 map attic

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Gas Can
2. Statue
3. Bread
4. Wire
5. Toaster
6. Horse Statue
7. Painting
8. Cabinet
9. Telescope Tube
10. Torch head
11. Lens
12. Stars
13. Locked Box
14. Torch
15. Cabinet
16. Door
III. Warning

To unlock Stage 7, check out our Stage 7 unlock walkthrough guide. (You Will Need to Use Stage 1’s Secret Blue Key Through a Stage 2 Exit)

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1. Gas Can: Pick up a can of gas on the bed.
2. Statue: Open bookshelf drawer. Get a cupid statue.
3. Bread: Open the refrigerator. Get a toast bread.
DR3 2-7 refrigerator
4. Wire: Get a piece of wire from the flower pot on the kitchen counter.
5. Toaster: Place the bread in the toaster. Get password from burnt toast: 9145.
DR3 2-7 breadDR3 2-7 toaster

DR3 2-7 password
6. Horse Statue: Use password (9145) to open the locked box on the coffee table. Retrieve a horse statue. Dismantle Horse Statue and get a key.
DR3 2-7 toastDR3 2-7 horse statue

DR3 2-7 dismantle horseDR3 2-7 horse key
7. Painting: Notice how the paintings above TV are arranged.
DR3 2-7 clue
8. Cabinet: Use the key to unlock the cabinet door under the TV. Place angel statue on the top. Turn off both power switch. Insert green electrical wire. Turn the device back on.

There are five bars in the middle section. Adjust the position of each bar until they match the painting clue and cupid will move and touch the heart. A doorway is revealed.
DR3 2-7 tv cabinetDR3 2-7 cupid

DR3 2-7 cupid puzzleDR3 2-7 missing wire

DR3 2-7 wireDR3 2-7 bars

DR3 2-7 exit main room
9. Telescope Tube: Go up the stair. Grab the telescope tube on the staircase wall. Enter attic.
DR3 2-7 top of stair
10. Torch head: Get torch head on the green counter. Combine torch head with gas can.
DR3 2-7 torch
11. Lens: Open box on the orange counter. Get a telescope lens.
12. Stars: Combine telescope tube and lens. Place them on the tripod. There are four quadrants. Count the number of stars in each quadrant:
4 2
5 3
DR3 2-7 telescope assembDR3 2-7 telescope

DR3 2-7 use telescopeDR3 2-7 night sky
13. Locked Box: The number lock resembles the night sky through telescope lens. Enter passcode: 2, 3, 5, 4. Get a blue cabinet key.
DR3 2-7 locked box
14. Torch: Use the working torch on the wood panel on the wall. Some squares are burnt. This is the clue to the arrow puzzle.
DR3 2-7 use torch

15. Cabinet: Open the cabinet using blue cabinet key revealing eight plates each with a arrow on top.
Puzzle Solution: Recall the wood panel clue. Visualize that 32 small squares are actually eight big square with four quadrants. The burnt squares mark the direction where the arrow is pointing. Tap on each plate to modify the arrow direction. The painting above will slide open. Grab the bull horn.
DR3 2-7 cabinet keyDR3 2-7 open cabinet

DR3 2-7 wood panelDR3 2-7 plates

DR3 2-7 horn

16. Door: Go back to the stairway. Insert the horn in the bull head. The door will open. Exit the stage.
DR3 2-7 use hornDR3 2-7 head

DR3 2-7 escaped
1. Do not insert wire for the cupid puzzle before turning off the powers.


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  1. I’ve repeatedly set the buttons to move the statue and nothing works. It matches the paintings positions. Is there something I’m missing?

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