Stage Map
DR3 1-10 Map gun

DR3 1-10 map elevator

DR3 1-10 map photo

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Revolver
2. Screwdriver
3. Bullet
4. Number Clue 1
5. Number Clue 2
6. Gate
7. Floor
8. Photo Paper
9. Control Box
10. Second Floor
11. Tong
12. Light Bulb
13. Solution
14. Sink
15. Enlarger
16. Green Key
17. Number Clue 3
18. Number Clue 4
19. Number Clue 5
20. Number Clue 6
21. Elevator Puzzle
22. Display Keypad
23. Shotgun
24. Escape
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Stage Walkthrough

1. Revolver: Get revolver from the box.
DR3 1-10 revolver
2. Screwdriver: Open drawer. Get a screwdriver.
DR3 1-10 screwdriver
3. Bullet: Pick up bullet on the floor.
DR3 1-10 bullet
4. Number Clue 1: Notice a Spade 6 on the side of the display case.
DR3 1-10 num clue1
5. Number Clue 2: Observe a Diamond 4 at the corner of the wall.
DR3 1-10 num clue2
6. Gate: Combine the revolver and bullet. Use the revolver to destroy the lock on the elevator gate. Enter the elevator.
DR3 1-10 use bulletDR3 1-10 use revolver

DR3 1-10 elevator gateDR3 1-10 enter elevator
7. Floor: Pick up a bullet.
DR3 1-10 bullet elevator
8. Photo Paper: Get the Photo Paper typed on the wall next to the door.
DR3 1-10 photo paper
9. Control Box: Use the screwdriver to open the control box cover. Flip the switches really fast so that all the power is on at the same time.
DR3 1-10 use screwdriverDR3 1-10 power box

DR3 1-10 switchesDR3 1-10 all on
10. Second Floor: Press the second floor button. Go up and enter second floor.
DR3 1-10 second floorDR3 1-10 enter second floor
11. Tong: Open box and grab a tong.
DR3 1-10 tong
12. Light Bulb: Open drawer. Get a light bulb.
DR3 1-10 light bulb
13. Solution: Pick up solution on the floor.
DR3 1-10 solution
14. Sink: Go over to the sink and place the Photo Paper in the tray. Then pour the solution over the paper. A set of number appeared. Pick up the paper with tong.
DR3 1-10 use paperDR3 1-10 place paper

DR3 1-10 use solutionDR3 1-10 solution over paper

DR3 1-10 use tongDR3 1-10 pick up paper
15. Enlarger: Turn off the power. Insert light bulb. Place the photo paper on the enlarger. Turn on the power. Notice that some numbers appear in color green and some in yellow: 1(Green), 5(Yellow), 4(Green), 8(Yellow), 3(Green), 9(Green).

DR3 1-10 enlarger power switchDR3 1-10 use develop paper

DR3 1-10 use lightbulbDR3 1-10 missing lightbulb

DR3 1-10 turn onDR3 1-10 secret color
16. Green Key: Combine revolver and bullet. Destroy the power supply to the laser wall. Get a green key.
DR3 1-10 insert bullet againDR3 1-10 revolver second

DR3 1-10 laser wallDR3 1-10 green key
17. Number Clue 3: Notice a Club 5 on a black plate on the right.
DR3 1-10 num clue3
18. Number Clue 4: Notice a Diamond 1 on a black plate on the left.
DR3 1-10 num clue4
19. Number Clue 5: Notice a Club 2 on the ceiling vent.
DR3 1-10 num clue5
20. Number Clue 6: Go into the elevator. Notice a Heart 3 above the door.
DR3 1-10 num clue6
21. Elevator Puzzle: Locate puzzle on the elevator floor. Combine all the number clues and put them in order: Diamond 1, Club 2, Heart 3, Diamond 4, Club 5, Spade 6. Tap the floor in this order. A secret compartment will open. Get a round plate.
DR3 1-10 floor puzzle
22. Display Keypad: The gun display is locked. Insert round plate. The combination can be found on the photo paper. Press on the yellow or the green button when you need to switch color. Password: 1(Green), 5(Yellow), 4(Green), 8(Yellow), 3(Green), 9(Green).
DR3 1-10 round plateDR3 1-10 insert round plate

DR3 1-10 enter passcodeDR3 1-10 open
23. Shotgun: Open display gate. Use the green key to unlock a shotgun. Grab the shotgun.
DR3 1-10 shotgunDR3 1-10 use green key

DR3 1-10 unlock shotgunDR3 1-10 grab shotgun
24. Escape: Go into the elevator. Combine shotgun and screwdriver. Dismantle shotgun. Get a first floor button. Insert button in the elevator pad. Press the first floor button. You have escaped!
DR3 1-10 screwdriver and shotgunDR3 1-10 dismantle shotgun

DR3 1-10 first fl buttonDR3 1-10 Insert button

DR3 1-10 escape

1. Do not touch the enlarger before turn off the power switch.
2. Do not touch the laser wall before destroy the power supply.


Chapter 1 Stage 10 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 18 Comments

    • I tried both combinations in the elevator: diamond club heart diamond club spade AND Diamond spade heart diamond club spade. Neither of these combinations work for me. Any other suggestions?

  1. It’s dshdcs, and while you are going through pushing the buttons, the compartment will make flipping sound. As soon as you hear the sound, you start from the beginning, dshdcs, you will get the coin.

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