Stage 1-7 Map:
DR3 1-7 Map Second Floor

DR3 1-7 Map First Floor

DR3 1-7 Map BasementDR3 1-7 Map Poison Room

1-7 Walkthrough Item Index

How to Unlock
Trap Warning

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1. Block
2. Basement Key
3. Solution
4. Knife
5. Cheese
6. Wine Opener
7. Basement
8. Flour
9. Wine Bottle
10. Rope
11. Mouse
12. Key hole
13. Puzzle
14. Poison
15. Bird
16. Clock
17. Bird Puzzle
18. Medallion

How to unlock Stage 1-7:
1. You will have to obtain a secret item: Secret Metal Ornament from Stage 1-5.
2. Replay Stage 1-3. Locate the wall where the secret symbol is carved in the wall. Insert Secret Metal Ornament to open a secret door to access Stage 1-7.
DR3 1-7 stage 3DR3 1-7 insert
3. Enter the secret passage to open up Stage 1-7.
DR3 1-7 clear stage 7

1-7 Walkthrough1. Block: Open chest box. Get a stone block.
DR3 1-7 block
2. Basement Key: Open table drawer. Grab the basement key.
DR3 1-7 basement key
3. Solution: Open wall cabinet. Obtain a bottle of solution.
DR3 1-7 solution
4. Knife: Go down to the first floor. Pick up the knife on the green counter top.
DR3 1-7 knife
5. Cheese: Get the piece of cheese from the coffee table.
DR3 1-7 cheese
6. Wine Opener: Grab wine opener from the blue counter top.
DR3 1-7 wine opener
7. Basement: Use the basement key to unlock the door. Go down to the basement.
DR3 1-7 use basement keyDR3 1-7 go basement
8. Flour: Get some flour from the sack.
DR3 1-7 flour
9. Wine Bottle: Pick up a bottle of wine from the shelf.
DR3 1-7 wine
10. Rope: Sharpen the knife with the stone block. Use the knife to cut the rope. Release a chest box from the ceiling. Open the chest box. Get a key.
DR3 1-7 sharpen knifeDR3 1-7 sharped knife

DR3 1-7 ropeDR3 1-7 drop

DR3 1-7 key
11. Mouse: Open the bottle of wine with wine opener. Pour the wine over the cheese. Give the flavored cheese to the mouse. Retrieve a T-key.
DR3 1-7 open wineDR3 1-7 wine on cheese

DR3 1-7 cheese with wineDR3 1-7 mouse

DR3 1-7 t key
12. Key hole: Go back to second floor. Locate a hidden key hole on the side of the bookshelf. Insert T-key. Turn the key counterclockwise until the light turn green. This will trigger a switch and eject a puzzle.
DR3 1-7 bookshelfDR3 1-7 use t key

DR3 1-7 turn keyDR3 1-7 green light
13. Puzzle: Insert key. Solve the puzzle. A shelf on first floor will move and reveal a hidden room. If you are having a hard time solving it, we have provided the exact button steps to help you. Simply tap the buttons as shown in the picture.
DR3 1-7 hidden puzzleDR3 1-7 insert key

DR3 1-7 puzzle keyDR3 1-7 solve puzzle

DR3 1-7 puzzle green light
14. Poison: Go back to first floor. Upon entering the hidden room, you will lose health every few seconds or so, so you have to be fast to block the air vent to prevent the poison gas. Combine Solution and Flour. Place the dough on the air vent to block the poison gas.
DR3 1-7 hidden roomDR3 1-7 flour and water

DR3 1-7 doughDR3 1-7 vent
15. Bird: Open the blue box next to the door and get a cuckoo bird figurine.
DR3 1-7 cuckoo bird in box
16. Clock: Place the cuckoo bird figurine on the clock. There are four buttons at the bottom of the clock. The clock hands will move when each button is pressed. Pay extra attention to where the second hands point.
Button 1: Hour hand (12), Minute hand(9), Second hand(7)
Button 2: Hour hand (12), Minute hand(3), Second hand(3)
Button 3: Hour hand (6), Minute hand(9), Second hand(5)
Button 4: Hour hand (6), Minute hand(3), Second hand(9)
DR3 1-7 cuckoo birdDR3 1-7 clock

DR3 1-7 clock1DR3 1-7 clock2

DR3 1-7 clock3DR3 1-7 clock4
17. Bird Puzzle: Go back to the hidden room. Check out the puzzle box.
Puzzle Solution: Use the clues that you obtained from the cuckoo bird clock. The four sets of times are actually carved on the puzzle box. The “numbers” match the quadrant on the clock.

For example, the code 7 matches with the clock hands sitting at “9” and “12”.

Enter the passcode as shown in the picture if you are unsure about the solution.
7 3
5 9
Retrieve a medallion.
DR3 1-7 bird puzzleDR3 1-7 Medallion
18. Medallion: Place the medallion on the front door key pad. Turn the medallion clockwise. Open the door and leave the house!
DR3 1-7 clockwiseDR3 1-7 use medallion

DR3 1-7 turn medallionDR3 1-7 open door

DR3 1-7 escaped

Trap Warning:
1. Touching the mouse without putting it to sleep first will cause you to lose health.
2. Hidden room is guarded with poison gas. Follow our steps to block the gas.


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    • Anyone having trouble with this puzzle should check out this site.
      I used it and it helped me solve my puzzle. Just pick 5×5 board and edit it to match your current layout.

  1. Emmaaaa I love uuu !! Your tip on the puzzle helped a ton! I’ve been working on it for soooo long. The tips shared up top didn’t help me at all. Thank u for sharing!!

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