Stage 9 Map
DR3 1-9 Map Bedroom

DR3 1-9 Map Kitchen

DR3 1-9 Map Wall

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Shoe
2. Indian Doll
3. Pipe 1
4. Painting
5. Trapdoor
6. Pipe 2
7. Gun Powder
8. Bamboo
9. Pry Bar
10. Gas Line
11. Stove
12. Bomb
13. Magnet
14. Map
15. Padlock
16. Door
Secret Item
Stage Walkthrough
1. Shoe: Pick up a shoe next to chair.
2. Indian Doll: Grab Indian Doll on top of the cabinet.
3. Pipe 1: Open cabinet and get a pipe.
DR3 1-9 Indian Doll
4. Painting: Solve puzzle painting by moving the tiles until it assembled the image below. Get the trapdoor key.
DR3 1-9 painting puzzleDR3 1-9 kitchen key
5. Trapdoor: Unlock trapdoor and go down to the kitchen.
DR3 1-9 use kitchen keyDR3 1-9 go to kitchen
6. Pipe 2: Open kitchen cabinet. Get a second piece of pipe.
DR3 1-9 pipe
7. Gun Powder: Retrieve a can of gun powder from the bookshelf.
DR3 1-9 Bamboo
8. Bamboo: Get a bamboo stem to the right of the chimney.
9. Pry Bar: Grab the pry bar behind the boxes.
DR3 1-9 Pry Bar
10. Gas Line: Use the pry bar to remove the floor tile. Combine two pipes. Insert long pipe to connect stub-out and switch. Turn the switch.
DR3 1-9 use pry barDR3 1-9 floor

DR3 1-9 floor tileDR3 1-9 gas pipe

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DR3 1-9 use pipeDR3 1-9 gas lineDR3 1-9 pipe installedDR3 1-9 turn on gas

11. Stove: Use the stove to light up the Indian doll.
DR3 1-9 use indian dollDR3 1-9 light up doll
12. Bomb: Use the following steps to make a bomb out of the materials that you have gathered

a. Dismantle shoe.
b. Dismantle the can of gun powder.
c. Combine bamboo stem and gun powder.
d. Combine shoelace with bamboo stem. You have just assemble a bomb. Place the bomb on the crack in the wall. Light the bomb with Indian Doll. Enter a hidden room.
DR3 1-9 dismantle shoeDR3 1-9 dismantle powder

DR3 1-9 powder and bambooDR3 1-9 bamboo and rope

DR3 1-9 bombDR3 1-9 use bomb

DR3 1-9 use fireDR3 1-9 enter wall room
13. Magnet: Get the magnet stick on the bottom layer of the shelf.
14. Map: Go back to the kitchen. Place the magnet stick on the world map on the dining table. The magnet will effect the compasses: Red (7), Purple (5), Orange (2), Green (9).
DR3 1-9 magnetDR3 1-9 map puzzle and magnate
15. Padlock: Use the clues from the world map to unlock the padlock: 7925. Obtain the door key.
DR3 1-9 unlockedDR3 1-9 door key
16. Door: Use the door key on the door in the hidden room. You have escaped!
DR3 1-9 escaped
Secret Item
S1. Go to the kitchen. Fill the empty bottle with water from the sink.
DR3 1-9 water

S2. Fill the kettle in the hidden room with water. Then light the stove below with Indian Doll. The boil water will steam up the mirror above.
IMG_2323DR2 1-9 kettle
DR2 1-9 fire useDR2 1-9 steam
S3. Check out the clue on the mirror.
DR2 1-9 mirror clue
S4. Light the chimney with Indian doll. Then go to the bedroom. A few bricks has fall out revealing a puzzle. Press down the stones as shown in the hidden room mirror.
DR2 1-9 bricksDR3 1-9 chimney puzzle

DR3 1-9 wall solved

S5. Fill out the empty bottle with water again.
DR3 1-9 empty can
S6. Put out the fire in the chimney. Grab the secret object: Secret Door Key.
DR3 1-9 can with water

DR3 1-9 put out fireDR3 1-9 secret key
1. Do not pull the gas switch before inserting the pipes. The house will explode.
2. Do not touch fire. You will get burnt.


Chapter 1 Stage 9 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 15 Comments

  1. Hi, thanks for your website, it’s very helpful.

    I have just followed your instructions for the secret on this stage as I missed it when I first solved it. However, when I go back to the bedroom no bricks have fallen out, so ther is no hidden puzzle. Is there something I’ve missed?

  2. Use the secret key in level 8 in the room that takes A and B key…use the secret key on the panel with the secret symbol….

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