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The sequel of Doors and Rooms has just been released! The Walkthroughs for every single stage for both D&R 1 and D&R 2 have been included. Enjoy and escape fast and easily with our detailed game guides.

Doors and Rooms

DR Chapter 1

DR Chapter 2
DR Chapter 3DR Chapter 4
DR Chapter 5DR Chapter 6DR Chapter 7

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Doors&Rooms 2
Doors&Rooms 3
Doors&Rooms Zero

Doors and Rooms 2


Doors and Rooms 3

DR3 ch1
DR3 ch2

Doors and Rooms Zero

Iron Gate




Doors and Rooms — 41 Comments

    • You’re actually complaining about a game YOU GOT FREE?!!! Spoiled little POS. By your 13th birthday you will (or should) learn to be thankful for what you DO get for free. Right now, though… you’re still just an embarrassment to your parents feeling like the world owesyou something for nothing.

      • Uhmmmm…. Well that was nicely done. I always love it when an impulsive fool blurts out nonsense because he didn’t take the time to carefully read the question. I bet you dropped out of your high school emotional support class. What the question was asking if you’d bothered to read it, is that he bought coins (with real money) and did not receive them.

  1. After you finish the game or not there is a move button on the button left I am stuck on room 1108 in the First game of doors & rooms

  2. Help me, somebody! I am stuck in Doors & Rooms 3, chapter 2, stage 3– the amusement park. I can’t seem to win the racing game, no matter how fast I hit the L and R buttons. Is there some kind of trick to this? I’m playing on a touch screen android phone. Please help! The clown always beats me by a mile. Help!!!!

  3. I know nothing about this game. Pulled it up on tablet to pass the time. Has a witch on the screen. Have played up to door 10 with the crystal ball and now stuck. How do I get out? HELP!

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