Doors and Rooms

Welcome to the number 1 unofficial fan site for Doors and Rooms. We have written the most detailed and thorough walkthrough for your escape needs. Please book mark this website for any future game and guide updates!

The sequel of Doors and Rooms has just been released! The Walkthroughs for every single stage for both D&R 1 and D&R 2 have been included. Enjoy and escape fast and easily with our detailed game guides.

Doors and Rooms

DR Chapter 1DR Chapter 2
DR Chapter 3DR Chapter 4
DR Chapter 5DR Chapter 6DR Chapter 7

Doors and Rooms 2



Doors and Rooms — 20 Comments

  1. Sandra Trujillo on said:

    How do I file a complaint about coin purchases, for the game Doors &Rooms? Where do I go got that?

  2. Alonzo Lucius on said:

    Where’s the walkthrough for Doors&Rooms 2? I can’t see it!

    • Afza Mukaddam on said:

      The walkthrough is written like:
      Doors&Rooms 2

      Stage 1
      Stage 2
      Stage 3
      Stage 4
      Stage 5

      Chapter 1

      And same for Chapter 2.

  3. Jan on said:

    How can I get rid of the blinking ad at the top of the screen?

    • Anonymous on said:

      I want to know how to get rid of those ads to

  4. Rushabh on said:

    Does anyone know how to unlock the hidden achievements ?

  5. Rushabh on said:

    Can anyone tell how to unlock the hidden achievement ?

    • mrkepo on said:

      there´s one where you need to imput an incorrect password: 2147
      but now I can´t remember which chapter on stage 1 was

      • Mugunghwa on said:

        “That’s not it!” Enter 2147 in the safe in Chapter 1-10
        “Clueless” Get a wrong answer in a quiz 300 times (any bonus quiz can do)
        “Too Enthusiastic” Place the staff into a jar 100 times in Chapter 1-17

        • DarthDaver on said:

          The 300 quiz questions wrong deal, does that have to be in one go?

      • idiotidiot on said:

        Anyone help me with the last chapter

  6. adit pio on said:

    Hy I need your help in stage 1105 door and rooms for windows phone

  7. Steve on said:

    After you finish the game or not there is a move button on the button left I am stuck on room 1108 in the First game of doors & rooms

    • lital on said:

      I’m stuck to…

  8. Admin on said:


  9. Anonymous on said:

    Help… I can’t pass level 1108..

  10. lital on said:

    Help!! Stuck in room 1108..

  11. mitch on said:

    Help at 1008 D&R for wp please!!!!

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