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The sequel of Doors and Rooms has just been released! The Walkthroughs for every single stage for both D&R 1 and D&R 2 have been included. Enjoy and escape fast and easily with our detailed game guides.

Doors and Rooms

DR Chapter 1DR Chapter 2
DR Chapter 3DR Chapter 4
DR Chapter 5DR Chapter 6DR Chapter 7

Doors and Rooms 2



Doors and Rooms — 23 Comments

  1. After you finish the game or not there is a move button on the button left I am stuck on room 1108 in the First game of doors & rooms

  2. Help me, somebody! I am stuck in Doors & Rooms 3, chapter 2, stage 3– the amusement park. I can’t seem to win the racing game, no matter how fast I hit the L and R buttons. Is there some kind of trick to this? I’m playing on a touch screen android phone. Please help! The clown always beats me by a mile. Help!!!!

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