Chapter 2 consists of several easy rooms that you can beat without much item gathering. We have prepared a complete Secret Door Walkthroughs and the underlying logic to help you beat the game easily!

Chapter 2-1

Your goal in this room is to switch on “OPEN” to open the door. Different switches controls the different parts of the word OPEN.

Button 1: Controls P, E, N
Button 2: Controls O, N
Button 3: Controls E, N
Button 4: Controls O, E, N

You can beat D&R 2-1 by:
Tap Button 4, 3, and 1 will solve the puzzle.

DR 2-1

Chapter 2-2

To beat this room, move the rocks in the spot circled a couple of times to pick up the key.

DR 2-2

Chapter 2-3

For this room, check the calendar on the left of the room to take a note of the clues. Press 19 times on the red button to pass the stage.

DR 2-3DR 2-3 Calendar

Chapter 2-4

This is a slot machine room, simply press the lever and pass the stage when you hit the jackpot.

DR 2-4

Chapter 2-5

Pick up all the coins in the gold pile inside the room. Observe the coins and you will find the code to be 1953.

DR 2-5DR 2-5 Coins

Chapter 2-6

This is a sports timing room, you will have to time your button press to be exactly 3 seconds to pass the room.

DR 2-6

Chapter 2-7

Note the clue on the wall, you will have to tap the musical notes in order to unlock the door. The sequence is as followed: 7, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1.

DR 2-7

Chapter 2-8

Open the light switch on and off on the right side of the door. Combine the red clues together to obtain the code: 2735

DR 2-8

Chapter 2-9

First note the note in the room, you will see an elongated number: 8654219634. Now take out the numbers noted with the strikethrough: 8461. You will have the remaining number left as the answer to the puzzle: 5293

DR 2-9DR 2-9 Code

Chapter 2-10

In this balance room

Right: 2C+D = E
Overall: B+3A= 2(C+D+E)

Solve for this equation in the D&R puzzle you will find that:

A=3, B=5, C=1, D=2, E=4
DR 2-10

Chapter 2-11

Strike = S means that you have the right number on the right position.
Bad shot = B means that you have the right numbers on the wrong order.

By testing the various numbers through several attempts, you will be able to deduce the final answer. The final answer is 538.

You can pass D&R 2-11 by:
Insert the code: 538
DR 2-11

Chapter 2-12

To pass this stage, count the numbers of angles on each symbol. You can then unlock the door with the following sequence:

DR 2-12

Chapter 2-13

You can pass D&R 2-13 by:
Tap button 1, button 3, button 4, and button 6

DR 2-13

Chapter 2-14

Tap the ceiling handle to reveal the hints for this room. You will see several Circle patterns and ask you to figure out the ?. To be able to write the patterns out, we will make the blank spaces X.

Line 3: ?

Based on this, you can see the logic behind the different circles. The entire rows of symbols are simply being moved forward and the first symbol go the the end of the next. With this logic, you can deduce the answer to D&R 2-14 is: XXXOOXOOO

DR 2-14DR 2-14 Clue


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  1. Thanks! You may already know that on 2-10 (“Balance”) there is a fat clue at the bottom left of the door, showing the alignment the buttons should be in for Balance. No matter which button you chose first, it will be “1”, the next will be “2”, etc. Therefore you choose them in the order shown on the clue at the bottom of the door, and voila! No equation required:)
    Thanks again!

  2. On level 2-14 when I tapped the lever absolutely nothing happened. There is no clipboard, no question like in the picture you have, nothing. Maybe there’s a glitch? There was no way of completing the level other than coming here and inputting the code you have.

  3. But the equation is wrong.. The sum of the right force should be 2C+D+E.. The solution is mathematically wrong.. It should be 3A+B=2(2C+D+E) according to torque equation d

    • Use the coin with the lion that looks just like the one on the door. Some show the lions wearing boots, paws facing the wrong direction or a horse tail.

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