We have written detailed walkthroughs to help you escape from all the stages in Chapter Two of Doors and Rooms 2 (D&R season 2). This page is an index of all the stages available for Chapter 2. Please note that we are constantly updating our strategy guides to provde you with the best and easiest walkthrough possible. Please leave comments if you still have trouble beating any of the stages or if you have found any mistakes.

As there are many chapters for this room, you can either use this index to quickly jump to the different stages, or you can browse through the page to find the stage walkthrough for D&2 Season 2.

Please note that we are currently working on the rest of Chapter 2 guides, so please bookmark this page or check back often for new updates!

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7


Stage 8


Stage 9


Stage 10


Stage 11

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage11 walkthrough

Stage 12

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage12 walkthrough

Stage 13

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage13 walkthrough

Stage 14

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage14 walkthrough

Stage 15

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage15 walkthrough

Stage 16

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage16 walkthrough

Stage 17

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage17 walkthrough

Stage 18

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage18 walkthrough

Stage 19

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage19 walkthrough

Stage 20

DoorsandRooms2 ch2 stage20 walkthrough


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  1. the last stage didn’t work the 18th.. can any one tell me why,,I entered the password but it says fail .. 🙁

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