Are you stuck with any of the stages in Chapter 2? Use the best guide to help you solve all the puzzles and beat the level. Please note that we are still working on the walkthrough and they will be added shortly.

Secret Item and Locked Stages Summary

Stage 1
DR3 2-1 Map kitchen

Stage 2
DR3 2-2 Map

Stage 3
DR3 2-3 map

Stage 4
DR3 2-4 map main

Stage 5
DR3 2-5 map main

Stage 6
DR3 2-5 map main

Stage 7

How to Unlock Stage 7
(You Will Need to Use Stage 1‘s Secret Blue Key Through a Stage 2 Exit)
DR3 2-7 map main

Stage 8
DR3 2-8 map main

Stage 9

How to Unlock Stage 9
(You Will Need to Use Secret Battery obtained in Stage 6, to enabled a keyboard in Stage 5.
DR3 2-9 map main

Stage 10
How to Unlock Stage 10
(You Will Need to Use Secret Hammer obtained in Stage 9, to break the glass in Stage 6.

DR3 2-10 map bedroom


Chapter 2 | Doors and Rooms 3 — 34 Comments

  1. How on earth do I win the racing game in Doors and Rooms 3, chapter 2, stage 3? No matter how fast I hit the L and R buttons, I never even come CLOSE to beating the clown. HELP! Please, oh, please, somebody help me!

  2. Please, oh please, somebody help me! I can’t win the racing game in Doors & Rooms 3, chapter 2, stage 3– the amusement park stage. No matter how fast I hit the L and R buttons, I never even come CLOSE to beating the clown. Please help!!!!

  3. you will have to get 100 coins to have the game solve it. Or have a youngster play it for you; they always seem to win, they have smaller fingers.

      • I’ve tried updating and even though I first loaded this in 2017 and have since deleted and reloaded it, stage 5 still says “comming soon” (coming soon).
        There is a secret key aquired early on and it opens a ladder to get to another stage but this isn’t mentioned in your walk through.. That I’ve seen..
        better to tell people about all the exits in a stage in a walk through and how to achieve them instead of only as they get to that stage..
        Also, why do we have to use energy repeating a stage just to open another exit.. Why is repeating a completed stage not open and free?
        That might be a little more software writing but it doesn’t annoy your users..
        D&R3 is much better put together than 1 or 2 and all credit to your achievements and learning capabilities as well as your budget, of course..
        hope you keep going as these are, if form and idea, great games and getting better with each generation
        well done


        Google have rejected your update short link as it violates their policies..
        Not sure why but there’s am online review you can see if you check..

  4. When you go into the room with the second green pool you will see a circle on the floor with the blue emblem on it and a ladder below, you have to hit it 2 or 3 times

  5. I am playing this game on my Kindle. I have opened and played stages 7 & 8 in chapter 2 but stage 5 still has a lock. Every time I open the game it says there is an update available but I can’t seem to update it. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. So I guess like other escape games further levels are “coming soon” but never arrive. As in d@r3 chapter 2 stage 5 coming soon. It’ll never get here. A complete waste of time.

  7. I’ve unlocked all the secret stages, collected the blue key and the coin, completed stage 4, but still get that stage 5 is “coming soon”.

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