Chapter one in the game is more or less a tutorial stage with the exception of the secret rooms. Because the beginner stages are so easy, we have compiled them into just one single post.

Below is a list of all the stages available and how you can beat them.

Chapter 1-1 through 1-10
DR 1-1 Room

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Doors&Rooms 2
Doors&Rooms 3
Doors&Rooms Zero

Chapter 1-11
DR 1-11 Room

Chapter 1-12
DR 1-12 Room

Chapter 1-13
DR 1-13 Room

Chapter 1-14
DR 1-14 Room 5


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  1. Votre site c’est de la marde on peut même pas comprendre les solutions. Sérieusement forcer vous tant qu’à faire un site faite le comme du monde👎🖕

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