Welcome to the latest install of the game. Gameday the D&R developer has decided to go back to the original with this new game. We will work hard to provide you with the best walkthroughts so that you can beat the levels easily!


Iron Gate
Iron Gate


Doors and Rooms Zero — 4 Comments

  1. I’m working on the D&R zero for toys section! beat 2 levels now, hopefully I can beat all the levels.
    Here is the walkthrough, hope it helps!

    1. pick up magnet & green stick
    2. combine both of them in the item area
    3. use it to sand pool (u have to dismantle over and over again until u get bone and fish for the animals who fight)
    4. put bones into the dog’s bowl and fish into the cat’s bowl
    5. take the paper, use it to unlock the door

    1. take the red things near the seahorse
    2. take spear from pointed ship (white thingy, i don’t know what it’s called)
    3. combine them together to blow all the balloons (and u will freak out coz the code going into the shell’s and it’s locked -_-)
    4. go to the cute pinkish octopus, klik the red button on the top of its head
    5. now u play with some kind of memory game, like those music memory game where u need to remember the move and repeat it… (it took me a while to realize it was this kinda game… arghh)
    6. the pinkish octopus will give u key if u succeed the memory game
    7. open the shell with that key, unlock the door with the clue that u found inside the shell

    happy playing!

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