Stuck with the color coded password? Learn how to Unlock the secret of the lightsabers and robot to help you escape!

Toy 405 Map
DR Zero 405 map

Toy 405 Walkthrough
1. Controller: Pick up controller.
2. Umbrella: Grab umbrella.
3. Charger: Get a charger on the shelf.
4. Robot: Check out the blinking robot’s eye. Four signals in different colors are also on the robot. Tap on robot’s eye when the matching color appears in the order of:

Green, Orange, Red and Blue.

Take the red lightsaber.
DR Zero 405 robotDR Zero 405 red lightsaber
5. Outlet: Plug in charger. Insert blue lightsaber. Grab the charged lightsaber.
DR Zero 405 chargerDR Zero 405 charging

DR Zero 405 place blue lightsaberDR Zero 405 get blue lightsaber
6. Station: Dismantle umbrella. Dismantle controller twice. Put battery in red lightsaber. Place both lightsabers in the corresponding colored slot. Get numbers:

Red 1, 4, 6
Blue 2, 5, 7
DR Zero 405 umbrellaDR Zero 405 dismantle controller

DR Zero 405 dismantle batteryDR Zero 405 battery

DR Zero 405 lightsabersDR Zero 405 red and blue
7. Computer: Enter passcode: Red (1,4,6) and Blue (2,5,7).
DR Zero 405 computer
8. Rock: Get a meteor rock from the open compartment.
DR Zero 405 rock
9. Clock: Insert meteor rock. Turn handles. Get a key.
DR Zero 405 turn shipsDR Zero 405 key
10. Door: Use the key to unlock the door. You have competed Toy level 405 and escape!
DR Zero 405 use key