Solve the constellation puzzle with the easy step by step walkthrough now. Use the rocket ship and telescope to help escape.

Toy 406 Map
DR Zero 406 map

Toy 406 Walkthrough
1. Key: Get key.
2. Rocket: Take the toy rocket ship.
3. Astronaut: Grab toy astronaut from shelf.
4. Scale: Dismantle rocket ship. Combine bottom half of ship and astronaut. Combine top and bottom of rocket ship. Place rocket on the scale. Get number: 7749.
DR Zero 406 rocketDR Zero 406 person

DR Zero 406 combine rocketDR Zero 406 use rocketDR Zero 406 scale
5. Safe: Unlock door with password combination: 7749. Take telescope lens.
DR Zero 406 safeDR Zero 406 telescope lens
6. Box: Use key to unlock locked box. Get telescope eyepiece.
DR Zero 406 keyDR Zero 406 box
7. Telescope: Combine two parts of telescope. Place telescope on top of the tripod. Look into the lens. Get constellation:
Sagittarius, Aquarius, Piscies, Leo.
DR Zero 406 telescopeDR Zero 406 use telescope

DR Zero 406 eyepiece

DR Zero 406 SagittariusDR Zero 406 Aquarius

DR Zero 406 PisciesDR Zero 406 Leo
8. Keypad: Locate keypad on the door. Press on buttons with the following symbols:
Sagittarius (Bow and Arrow),
Aquarius (Vase)
Piscies (Fish)
Leo (Lion).

Door is unlocked for you to escape.
DR Zero 406 keypad