Solve the jewel color puzzle by unlocking the crown and the princess. Find the order of the colors now to help you escape from the room.

Toy 407 Map
DR Zero 407 map

Toy 407 Walkthrough
1. Knife: Get knife on chair.
2. Lipstick: Take lipstick on the coffee table.
3. Table: Grab mirror and compact powder from the vanity table.
4. Oven: Dismantle compact powder. Combine powder and mirror. Get combination:

M(Sun) T(120) C(0).

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Enter the combination by tapping on the dials on the oven. The oven is unlocked. Tap on the oven door. Grab the makeup box.
DR Zero 407 powderDR Zero 407 use powder

DR Zero 407 combinationDR Zero 407 oven door

DR Zero 407 makeup box
5. Ruby: Place the knife on the hanging rack. The pot will start boiling. Get a ruby from the pot.
DR Zero 407 knifeDR Zero 407 pot

DR Zero 407 ruby
6. Princess: Dismantle lipstick. Get a key. Use the key to unlock makeup box.

Dismantle the box again to remove the crown from the box. Place the crown on the princess.

Use ruby on the crown. Get colored gemstones from left to right:

Yellow, Orange, Purple
Blue, Green, Cyan.
DR Zero 407 lipstickDR Zero 407 open box

DR Zero 407 get crownDR Zero 407 use crown

DR Zero 407 princessDR Zero 407 insert ruby

DR Zero 407 color
7. Door: Locate keypad on the door. Tap on the hearts to match their color to the one on the crown. Press on the crown. You have unlock the door.
DR Zero 407 keypad