This level requires you to place toy boats at correct locations to unlock the treasure map. Follow the entire walkthrough here now.

Toy 408 Map
DR Zero 408 map

Toy 408 Walkthrough
1. Pirate: Grab the toy pirate.
2. Circle: Get a red circle.
3. Key: Take the skull key.
4. Letters: Pick up an orange circle with letters.
5. Lifesaver: Open drawer. Get a yellow lifesaver.
6. Boats: Open cabinet. Get a red boat, a green boat, and a yellow boat.
DR Zero 408 boats
7. Window: Insert red circle on the fake windows over the bed.
DR Zero 408 red circleDR Zero 408 windows
8. Ship: Insert circle with letters under the ship. Tap on the ship to move the ship over each fake window. Get hints: Green (D), Red (C), Yellow (F).
DR Zero 408 lettersDR Zero 408 ship

DR Zero 408 green windowDR Zero 408 red window

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DR Zero 408 yellow window
9. Hook: Dismantle toy pirate. Use the hook on the bottom drawer. Get an air pump.
DR Zero 408 pirateDR Zero 408 hook

DR Zero 408 drawerDR Zero 408 air pump
10. Game: Combine pump and yellow lifesaver. Notice similar lifesavers are on the wall. Each has different number of stripes:

Green (5), Red (4), Yellow (7).

Recall hints from the windows and combine the two clues. Get combination:

Green Boat (5-D)
Red Boat (4-C)
Yellow Boat (7-F)

Place the toy boats accordingly on the game board. Get a key.
DR Zero 408 pumpingDR Zero 408 puzzle
11. Lock: Use the key to unlock padlock on the cabinet door. Grab a treasure chest. Combine treasure chest and skull key. Get a treasure map.
DR Zero 408 keyDR Zero 408 padlock

DR Zero 408 treasure chestDR Zero 408 inside chest

DR Zero 408 scrollDR Zero 408 skull key

DR Zero 408 treasure map
12. Door: Follow steps on the treasure map and tap on the keypad. Door is unlocked.
DR Zero 408 keypad