Follow the walkthrough to help you escape the room with tree puzzles. Learn the logic behind the numbered leaves to get the apple and make your escape!

Toy 409 Map
DR Zero 409 map

Toy 409 Walkthrough
1. Tool: Pick up a tool.
2. Clock: Take the clock.
3. Screwdriver: Get the screwdriver.
4. Apple: Tap on banana and grape. Take the apple.
DR Zero 409 apple
5. Moon: Open drawer. Dismantle clock. Insert moon. Notice each leaf gives a different time:
Green leaf (9)
Blue leaf (1)
Yellow leaf (11)
Maple leaf (1)
Ginkgo leaf (3)
Redbud leaf (6)
Sycamore leaf (9)
DR Zero 409 clockDR Zero 409 moon

DR Zero 409 drawerDR Zero 409 leaves
6. Tree: Change the direction of each leaf so that they match the locationĀ of the clock hands. The golden apple from the ceiling will fall.
DR Zero 409 tree
7. Lock: Pick up the golden apple in dog’s bowl. Combine tool and screwdriver. Get a drum.

Dismantle apple twice. Get a worm. Combine drum and worm. Insert the worm with wings into the golden apple.

Get a clue: dog, robot, pumpkin and emotionless bear.
DR Zero 409 golden appleDR Zero 409 combine tool

DR Zero 409 dismantle appleDR Zero 409 worm

DR Zero 409 combine wormDR Zero 409 combine gold apple

DR Zero 409 observeDR Zero 409 hint
8. Keypad: Enter combination. Exit stage 409 and make your escape!
DR Zero 409 keypad