Iron Gate 205 Map
DR Zero 205 map

1. Remote: Get remote control from the shelf.
2. Batteries: Grab batteries on top of the drum.
3. Monitor: Combine remote control and batteries. Place the remote control next to the monitor screen.
DR Zero 205 battery in remoteDR Zero 205 use remote

Use the directional buttons to navigate the train. The goal is to reach the yellow square. Solution:

Left(1), Up(1), Left(1)
Up(2), Left(2), Down(1)
Left(1), Up(2), Left(1)

Down(1), Left(2), Up(2)
Left(1), Up(1), Right(2)
Up(1), Left(2), Up(1).
DR Zero 205 train solutionDR Zero 205 train
4. Train: Check out the yellow block next to the door. A model train with key on top has appeared. Grab the key.
DR Zero 205 door keyDR Zero 205 key
5. Door: Use the key to unlock and exit room 205.


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