Laboratory 301 Map
DR Zero 301 map

Lab 301 Index
1. Rope
2. Pills
3. Bottle
4. Powder
5. Sink
6. Toy
7. Desk
8. Clock
9. Squirrel
10. Monitor
11. Time
12. Door

1. Rope: Open locker. Get a rope.
2. Pills: Grab a pack of pills from the top bunker. Dismantle the pack and get a red cap.
3. Bottle: Retrieve a bottle under the sink.
4. Powder: Open medicine cabinet. Grab a bottle of powder.
5. Sink: Place powder and bottle in the sink. Turn on the water. Dip the rope in the water. Dirt on the rope will washed away.
DR Zero 301 bottle and powder

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DR Zero 301 sinkDR Zero 301 rope

DR Zero 301 colored rope
6. Toy: Check out the toy on the bed. A rope is tied to an OK button. Observe and study the rope in your inventory. Starting from the knot to the loose end, the rope is colored:


On the toy, tap on each cube to change its color to match the color on the rope. Then press the OK button. Take the little red man.
DR Zero 301 toy
7. Desk: Open desk drawer. Grab a water wheel.
8. Clock: Insert water wheel on the left of the clock and place the little red gnome man on the tree stump. Tap on the key on the right. Three windows are opened. Take the squirrel from the top-right window.
DR Zero 301 clockDR Zero 301 insert parts

DR Zero 301 squirrel
9. Squirrel USB: Insert squirrel USB drive into the computer under the desk.
DR Zero 301 use USBDR Zero 301 USB
10. Monitor: Check out the monitor on the desk. Solve the four mazes. Each path solution from the maze form a number. Get combination password: 1725.
DR Zero 301 monitor
11. Time: Go back to the clock. The password 1725 is the time on the clock. Tap on the two blue buttons to move both clock hands to 5. Wind up the clock again. Window on top-left will open. Insert the red cap. Press the red button. A cuckoo bird will appear. Take the door key.
DR Zero 301 timeDR Zero 301 pill

DR Zero 301 red capDR Zero 301 missing button

DR Zero 301 press red buttonDR Zero 301 cuckoo bird
12. Door: Insert door key. Exit room 301.
DR Zero 301 door key DR Zero 301 exit


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