Laboratory 302 Map
DR Zero 302 Map

Lab 302 Index
1. Canister
2. Screwdriver
3. Hammer
4. Box
5. Monitor
6. Password
7. Chain
8. Tank
9. Key
10. Door

1. Canister: Pick up canister from the ground.
2. Screwdriver: Pick up screwdriver from the floor.
3. Hammer: Open locker. Grab hammer.
4. Box: Use the screwdriver to remove screws from the box cover. Remove the cover. Get a freezing gun.
DR Zero 302 screwdriverDR Zero 302 box cover

DR Zero 302 freeze gun
5. Monitor: Check out the computer monitor. Observe the hint: HOME 2120 with a grid of nine dots. Trace each letter on the grid above. The number corresponding to the number of the unused dots. For example, trace the letter H will leave two dots unused.
DR Zero 302 HOME
6. Password: Locate a locked box. Notice the word: CITY. Decipher the letters using the hint on the computer monitor. Get password: 2645. Open the box. Get a battery.
DR Zero 302 CITYDR Zero 302 battery
7. Chain: Combine canister and freezing gun. Use the gun on the chain. Then, hit the frozen chain with hammer. Tap on the wheel to empty the sink.
DR Zero 302 gun and canisterDR Zero 302 use gun

DR Zero 302 chianDR Zero 302 use hammer

DR Zero 302 frozen chainDR Zero 302 turn wheel
8. Tank: Use the hammer on the tank. Retrieve a key.
DR Zero 302 hammerDR Zero 302 get key
9. Key: Use the key to unlock the control pad. Open the control pad door. Locate a small arrow to the right of the arrow puzzle. This is the starting tile. Each arrow represents the direction and number of moves. Tap on the starting tile and follow the arrows until all the tiles are pressed. The last tile should be the arrow at the bottom of the puzzle. A compartment will open. Insert battery.
DR Zero 302 use keyDR Zero 302 control door

DR Zero 302 puzzleDR Zero 302 use battery

DR Zero 302 power on
10. Door: The door is now unlocked. Leave room 302.
DR Zero 302 exit


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