Laboratory 303 Map
DR Zero 303 Map

Walkthrough Item Index
1. Knife
2. Gloves
3. Paper
4. Belt
5. Tape
6. Battery
7. Control Pad
8. Canister
9. Keypad
10. Fruit
11. Sample
12. Lower
13. Computer
14. Exit

Laboratory 303 Walkthrough
1. Knife: Get surgical knife on the cart.
2. Gloves: Obtain gloves in the cart.
3. Paper: Pick up a piece of paper on the floor. The paper contains a DNA diagram.
4. Belt: Take the belt on the rack.
5. Tape: Open the lower drawer. Grab a roll of tape.
6. Battery: Put on gloves. Retrieve a battery from the water tank.
DR Zero 303 battery
7. Control Pad: The control pad is broken. Wrap the loose wire with tape. Place the belt between the gears. Put the battery in the slot. Push the up arrow.
DR Zero 303 fix control padDR Zero 303 control pad

DR Zero 303 up arrow
8. Canister: A canister is ejected from the machine. Grab the canister. Dismantle the canister and get an empty canister and a key card.
DR Zero 303 sampleDR Zero 303 canister
9. Keypad: Locate keypad next to the glass door. Observe the key card in the inventory. Notice four asterisks each with a dot. The dot indicates the location of key on the keypad. Enter combination on the keypad:

1. center-center
2. center-bottom
3. top-left
4. bottom-right

Then press big button below. Glass room is unlocked.
DR Zero 303 key cardDR Zero 303 dots

DR Zero 303 keypad
10. Fruit: Use the surgical knife to get a red fruit.
DR Zero 303 knife
11. Sample: Combine red fruit and surgical knife. Dismantle the cut fruit. Place sample in the canister.
DR Zero 303 cut sampleDR Zero 303 dismantle sample

DR Zero 303 sample in canisterDR Zero 303 use sample

DR Zero 303 machine
12. Lower: Go back to the control pad. Press the down arrow to lower the canister into the machine.
DR Zero 303 down arrow
13. Computer: Go to the desktop computer. Check out the DNA on the screen. Use the scroll bar to see all four samples. Recall the hint you picked up earlier. You have to spot the difference between the samples on the left and the original DNA on the right.

The number of differences are: 4(A)-2(B)-5(C)-8(D).
DR Zero 303 sample aDR Zero 303 sample b

DR Zero 303 sample cDR Zero 303 sample d
14. Exit: Locate keypad on next to the door. Swipe the key card. Enter the password: 4258 4(A)-2(B)-5(C)-8(D). The door is unlocked. Escape room 303.
DR Zero 303 keycard useDR Zero 303 door keypad

DR Zero 303 key aDR Zero 303 key b

DR Zero 303 key cDR Zero 303 key d

DR Zero 303 exit


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