Retro 102 Map
DR Zero 102 map

1. Match: Locate and grab a match inside a shelf.
2. Matchbox: Find and take a matchbox on top of a cabinet.
3. Butterfly: Grab a yellow butterfly framed on the wall.
4. Cannon: Combine the match and matchbox. Get a light-up match. Dismantle the butterfly. Get a fuse. Place the fuse on the cannon. Ignite the cannon with the match. Get password: 4785.
DR Zero 102 match

DR Zero 102 butterfly

DR Zero 102 fuse

DR Zero 102 cannon

DR Zero 102 lighted match

DR Zero 102 password
5. Door: Enter password 4785 in the keypad next to the door. Press the red button. The door is now unlocked. Exit Room 102.
DR Zero 102 keypad


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