Retro 106 Map
DR Zero 106 map

1. Halo: Take the halo from the angel statue.
2. Screwdriver: Pick up screwdriver from the floor.
3. Armor: Take the ax and trident from the armor.
4. Safe: Locate and unlock the safe using the screwdriver. Take off the cover. Get a key bit.
DR Zero 106 screwdriverDR Zero 106 screws

DR Zero 106 safe coverDR Zero 106 key bit
5. Altar: Check out the altar. Notice four colors on the base of the columns: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple.
DR Zero 106 altar
6. Wheel: Check out the color wheel. The wheel can be turned with the press of the red button. Tap the button until you find out the number associate each color.
Red – 4
Blue – 2
Yellow – 1
Purple – 3
DR Zero 106 redDR Zero 106 blue

DR Zero 106 yellowDR Zero 106 purple
7. Column: Each column has six sections. You can adjusted the height of the column by tapping on the color buttons. Adjust the column so the correct number of section is displayed.
DR Zero 106 column puzzle solution
8. Door: The gate is opened. But you need a key to unlock a second door. Open your inventory. Dismantle the trident and ax. Get a key shaft without hole and a key shaft with hole. Combine key shaft without hole with the key ring. Combine key shaft with hole with the key bit. Then, combine the two assembled piece into a key. Insert the key into the keyhole. The door is unlocked. Exit Room 106.
DR Zero 106 keyholeDR Zero 106 dismantle

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DR Zero 106 keyringDR Zero 106 key shaft

DR Zero 106 combine keyDR Zero 106 final key

DR Zero 106 insert key


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