Retro 108 Map
DR Zero 108 map

1. Pipe: Pick up pipe from the floor.
2. Wrench: Grab wrench on top of the box.
3. Puzzle: Open the yellow cover on the floor. Insert pipe.
DR Zero 108 floorDR Zero 108 pipe

DR Zero 108 puzzle solution

4. Mermaid: Check out the fishing bowl. Get a mermaid.
DR Zero 108 mermaid
5. Wheel: Use the wrench to remove the chain. Tap on the wheel until it stop moving.
DR Zero 108 wrenchDR Zero 108 wheel
6. Floor: The yellow cover next to the door will open. Get the ship wheel.
DR Zero 108 wheel floor
7. Ship: Place wheel and mermaid on the ship. Check out the paddles: left, center, right, center, right.
DR Zero 108 boat
8. Door: Locate the control pad. Adjust the switch to match the paddles. The green light will turn on. The door is now unlocked. Exit room 108.
DR Zero 108 control pad

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