Retro 109 Map
DR Zero 109 map

1. Pry Bar: Grab pry bar.
2. Tape: Take take on the table.
3. Safe: Open safe. Get a hammer.
4. Cake: Get coin on top of the cake.
5. Hourglass: Check out hourglass on the wall. Tap on the red button to rotate the hourglass. Use the hammer to break the glass. Get the coin.
DR Zero 109 red buttonDR Zero 109 hammer

DR Zero 109 hourglass
6. Faucet: Turn on the faucet on the right wall. The water will flow to a tile. Open the tile with pry bar. Get the coin inside.
DR Zero 109 pry barDR Zero 109 tile
7. Wall: Locate a panel on the wall. Open any of the four parts. Tape the opening. Then proceed to open the rest. Get the coin.
DR Zero 109 panelDR Zero 109 open panel

DR Zero 109 get coin
8. Keypad: Insert four coins into the keypad. Get the door key.
DR Zero 109 use coinsDR Zero 109 get key
9. Door: Unlock the door with key. Exit Room 109.


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