Use this walkthrough to help you Figure out the ocean animals puzzle with the detailed walkthrough and escape in Toy 402.

Toy 402 Map
DR Zero 402 map

Toy 402 Walkthrough
1. Dart: Pick up dart.
2. Tip: Pick up dart tip.
3. Starfish: Combine dart and tip. Use dart on the balloon Starfish.
DR Zero 402 dartDR Zero 402 use dart
4. Whale: Use dart on the balloon Whale.
5. Fish: Use dart on the balloon Fish.
6. Shark: Use dart on the balloon Shark.
7. Octopus: Tap on the button on top of the octopus. Pay attention to the tentacle pattern. Follow the pattern and tap on the tentacles. Press the button once you are done. Repeat process until you get a happy octopus. Get a key.
Screenshot_2016-04-11-11-18-58DR Zero 402 key
8. Oyster: Use the key to unlock oyster. Get a paper with clue.
DR Zero 402 use keyDR Zero 402 get hint
9. Keypad: Locate keypad by the door.

Enter password:

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Starfish, Blowfish
Snail, Turtle

Press the anchor in the center. Door is unlocked. Exit room 402.
DR Zero 402 hintDR Zero 402 anchor


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