Find the answer to the color code puzzle for stage Toy 403. Grab the weapons and raise the monster and make your escape!

Toy 403 Map
DR Zero 403 Map

Toy 403 Walkthrough
1. Key: Pick up key shaft.
2. Color: Check out three lights on the table. Press the button on top of each light. Pay attention to the number of blinking lights: Red (4), Green (2), Blue (3).
DR Zero 403 light
3. Poster: Notice the venn diagram on the wall. The colors overlap create different colors. Treat it as a math problem. Each color is assign a value. Begin with the color and number combination you get from the blinking lights.

Red = 4
Blue = 3
Green = 2

Pink = Green + Blue = 7
Orange = Red + Green = 6
Cyan = Blue + Green = 5

White = Red + Blue + Green = 9

4. Safe: Each number key has different color. Enter corresponding value from the venn digram. Then Tap on the skull.

Pink (7) White (9)
Orange (6) Cyan (5)
DR Zero 403 safe
Open safe and get a gold bar. Dismantle the gold bar. Get four coins. Exam the coins. Notice one with a section. Dismantle the coin to remove the section. Combine coin and key shaft. Get a working key.
DR Zero 403 barDR Zero 403 bar dismantle

DR Zero 403 coinDR Zero 403 coin secret

DR Zero 403 pick coinDR Zero 403 make key
5. Club: Take the spiked club.
6. Ball: Pick up ball and chain.
7. Axe: Grab axe.
8. Shield: Pick up shield.
9. Basket: Place all weapons in the basket. This will lift the monster.
DR Zero 403 basketDR Zero 403 door
10. Door: Unlock door with key. Exit Toy 403.
DR Zero 403 key


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