Escape from the room by solving puzzles with Lego pieces. Get the walkthrough to help you unlock the door with the passcode now!

Toy 404 Map
DR Zero 404 Map

Toy 404 Walkthrough
1. Handle: Locate handle next to the pirate.
2. Orange3: Get a orange block with three holes.
3. Man: Get a stacking man.
4. Cactus: Open closet door. Grab the blue block with five holes. Check out the cactus toy. Insert handle into the cactus toy. Turn the handle until spikes retrieve. Take the key.
5. Cage: Use the key to unlock a cage on top of the slide. Push down the red block with six bars.
6. Red6: Pick up the red block with six bars at the bottom of the slide.
DR Zero 404 red6
7. Green3: Use the orange block with three holes on the green block with three bars on the floor. Pick up both. Dismantle the blocks.
DR Zero 404 orange3DR Zero 404 dismantle orange and green
8. Purple5: Look under pirate flag. Use the blue block with five holes to retrieve a purple block with five bars. Dismantle the blocks.
DR Zero 404 use blue5DR Zero 404 pirate flagDR Zero 404 under flagDR Zero 404 dismantle purple blue
9. Stair: Dismantle stacking man. Insert little man on top of the slide. Four slots will reveal. Insert the following blocks and get passcode 4875:

Blue Lego Block with Four Bars = 4
Green Lego Block with Three Bars = 8
Purple Lego Block with Five Bars = 7
Red Lego Block with Six Bars = 5
DR Zero 404 stacking manDR Zero 404 use head
DR Zero 404 insert blocksDR Zero 404 passcode
10. Keypad: Enter combination: 4875. Tap on the teeth. Door is unlocked.
DR Zero 404 keypad

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