Chapter one of the Doors and Room is basically a tutorial stage that teaches you the various function of the game. However, the last 4 secrete stages can be a bit challenging and thus we have created a separate post for them.

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-1 – Just Open It

This room is a simple walking through the door.
DR 1-1 Room

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-2 – Simple Lock

Unlock the bottom lock. Tap the door to open
DR 1-2 RoomDR 1-2 Lock

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-3 – Break the Glass

Grab the hammer from the floor to break the glass. Obtain the key inside to open the door.
DR 1-3 RoomDR 1-3 Hammer

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-4 – Dismantle

Open the shelf on the bottom right. Obtain the plastic container. Dismantle it to obtain the key.
DR 1-4 RoomDR 1-4 Dismantle

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-5 – Item Combine

Pick up the remote and the batteries on the left and right side of the room. Combine the two. Use the item on the hole in the wall. Obtain the key.
DR 1-5 RoomDR 1-5 Combine

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-6 – Check the Notes

Check the notes on the left side of the wall. You will be able to know that the code is 2531.
DR 1-6 RoomDR 1-6 NotesDR 1-6 Lock

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-7 – Diffuse the Bomb

Note the writing on the wall. Cut the wires Red, Green, and Yellow to unlock the room.
DR 1-7 RoomDR 1-7 Lock

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-8 – The Power of E

Note the E on the floor and use that as a pattern to pass the stage. Use the pattern E on the control pad
DR 1-8 RoomDR 1-8 Lock

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-9 – Guess the Order

Play around with the lighted panels on the floor. You will be able to figure out the code is 2-1-4-3.
DR 1-9 Room

Doors and Rooms Chapter 1-10 – Carded Message

This is the first semi puzzle where you have to deduce the patterns as associated with the clue. By checking the items on the wall you will note the following clue:

Yellow Heart: 5
Blue Spade: 7
Green Diamond: 4
Red Spade: 8
Green Clubs: 2
Red Heart: 3
Blue Club: 6
Yellow Diamond: 9

Now check the key panel, you will see it asking for Blue Spade, Green Club, Red Heart, and Yellow Diamond. Simply punch in the associated answers to break free from the room.

You can beat D&R 1-10 by:
Punching in the code 7239

DR 1-10 RoomDR 1-10 LockDR 1-10 Card Board


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