This stage takes the tutorial introduction levels up a notch. You will have to combine and dismantle various items in this stage to break out. Below are all the steps that you need to take:

DR 1-11 Room

1. Pick up the toilet paper roll.
2. Pick up the purse inside the trash can.
3. Pick up the chain inside the sink.

Now dismantle the toilet paper roll to obtain a code: 217453.
DR 1-11 Toilet Paper
4. Use the code 217453 to unlock the door and obtain a hammer.
DR 1-11 Unlock Door
5. Grab the hammer and smash the window. Pick up a piece of shattered mirror and combine it with the purse. Dismantle the purse to obtain a handle. Combine the handle with the chain to make a hooked chain.
DR 1-11 Purse Break
DR 1-11 Magnet
DR 1-11 Bait
6. Use the chain inside the ditch and obtain the key inside.
DR 1-11 Key

Use the key on the door and escape from doors and rooms chapter 1-11.


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