This stage can be a little tricky if you do not know what you are looking for.

1. Your first task is to solve the puzzle on the floor similar to chapter 1-9. You will have to light up the floor in a certain order to obtain the bucket at A. To light up all the squares, press the buttons in the following order: 6-3-4-2-5-1
DR 1-12 Room

After obtaining the bucket. Dismantle it to obtain a capsule and a lever. Dismantle the capsule to observe the notes.
DR 1-12 Bucket
DR 1-12 Lever

The notes have some symbols that give you clue for the final answer. Place the lever into B and you will see some light bulbs starting to shine. Use 5 as your center starting point. Count the direction of the arrows to obtain the code: 7239
DR 1-12 Notes
DR 1-12 Lock

You can instantly pass this stage by inputting 7239 at the passcode panel.


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