Compared to the other stages in Chapter 1, the room 1-13 is pretty tough that you will have to go through many stages of item collection plus puzzle solving. This walkthrough will guide you through everything that you will need to know in the game.

DR 1-13 Room

Your first task is to pick up everything in the room as you can.

1. Pick up the plier inside the box.
2. Knock over a bottle of liquid on the shelf.
3. Pick up the dirty item on the floor.
4. Look to the upper right corner and cut the wires. You will obtain a red key.
DR 1-13 Fan
5. Use the red key to unlock the red lock from the locked shelf. Obtain a screw driver.
6. Use the screw driver on the yellow locked shelf. You will obtain a sponge and a yellow key.
DR 1-13 Room BoxDR 1-13 Open Locker
7. Use the sponge on the floor to wipe the liquid.
DR 1-13 SpongeIMG_0502
8. After observing the position on the dice, you can figure out where the numbers go for the safe. The code is as if the front face is a dice. You will obtain a handle and a blue key from the safe.
DR 1-13 Safe
9. Use the screw driver on the left electrical box to pop it open. Insert the handle and switch the life off. Observe the note on the wall.
DR 1-13 Electrical BoxDR 1-13 Light Box
10. The note on the wall shows the following. Now imagine the sequence starts from left to right. You will need it to open the final lock. To turn the light back on, simply tap the handle again that is now showing a red light.
DR 1-13 Writing
The sequence is as followed:

Combine the yellow and blue key together. Use the combined key to open the green lock. You will obtain a metal circle
DR 1-13 Key CombineDR 1-13 Center Safe

11. Insert the metal circle into the final lock on the door. Now go back to the sequence that we found on the
DR 1-13 LockDR 1-13 Final Lock

The goal is to have a sequence from the center and counting clockwise. You can achieve that sequence by doing the following:

Tap Right Arrow 3 Times
Tap Middle button
Tap Left Arrow 5 Times
Tap Middle button
Tap Left arrow 2 Times
Tap Middle Button
Tap Right Arrow 6 Times
Tap Middle button


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