This is by far one of the most complicated puzzle in the game. If you are having trouble passing this stage, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will go over the entire process and explaining the logic behind each of the puzzle pieces in the game.

DR 1-14 Room 5

1. Pick up the pot on the floor and the rope hanging on the ceiling.
2. Obtain the wooden sheath that can be dismantled as a knife.
3. Grab the lighter off the table.
4. Soak the rope into the oil.

5. Combine the rope together with the pot. Use the lighter on the light to brighten the other half of the room.
DR 1-14 Combine for LightDR 1-14 Lamp LightDR 1-14 Lamp Placement

6. Check the puzzle on the wall, your job is to figure out the number of A. The logic behind this puzzle is for you to add all the digits in the previous row to obtain the next row. With this you will obtain A = 17.
DR 1-14 Clue A

7. Tap on the brick wall to remove some of the bricks to reveal the next clue. In this one you will count the numbers of “o” in each of the digits. With this you will get that B = 3 x 8 = 24.
DR 1-14 Clue B

8. Pick up the metal bar to the right side of the room.

9. Open the combination lock with the code “1724”.
DR 1-14 Safe Lock

10. Observe the clue on the door to see which of the wires are green.
DR 1-14 Bomb Disable Clue

11. Combine the metal bar and the pick, you will be able to make a pick. Use it on the brick wall to reveal the a puzzle.
DR 1-14 Combine PickDR 1-14 Pick Position

After which you will reveal a puzzle. Use the clue on your lighter to solve it. We have graphed it out so it is easier for you. After solving this, you will reveal a bomb disabling puzzle. The clue was on the door in step 10.
DR 1-14 Lighter ClueDR 1-14 Snake Puzzle

Dismantle the knife from the wooden sheath.
DR 1-14 Knife Dismantle

Use the knife to cut the wires B, D, and G.
DR 1-14 Bomb DisablingDR 1-14 Bomb Disable Solution

Congratulations you have solved the puzzle and escape from the room!


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