Below is a complete walkthrough to help you beat doors & rooms 3-1.

DR 3-1

1. First pick up the cleaner inside the box.
2. Use the cleaner to clean up the license plate of the ambulance.
DR 3-1 PlateDR 3-1 Plate Code

3. Use the code 5728 to open the lock in the back of the ambulance. Obtain a crow bar.
DR 3-1 Lock

4. Use the crowbar to open the front door of the ambulance. Start the car engine. Note the color in the back of the ambulance: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue.
DR 3-1 EngineDR 3-1 Color Code

5. Unlock the door with the code Yellow, Green, Red, Blue
DR 3-1 Final Combination

Speed Note
You can pass this stage quickly by using the code Yellow, Green, Red, Blue on the lock.


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