Use this walkthrough to help you pass the stage for Chapter 3-2 easily.

DR 3-2 Room

1. Grab the CD from the shelf. Dismantle the CD.
DR 3-2 CD

2. Place the CD into the computer on the desk.
3. Check the computer screen for an excel sheet with the clue. Password = C4 + A3 + B1 – E3.
DR 3-2 Computer Excel

4, 5, 6, 7. Obtain the code from various items on the shelf.
C4 is a photo frame with code: 1124
A3 is a trophy plate with code 1983
B1 is a set of medical encyclopedia with code 2485
E3 is another trophy with code 2012

DR 3-2 E3DR 3-2 A3DR 3-2 C4DR 3-2 B1

8. Calculate the passcode to be 1221+1983+2485-2012=3677. Use 3677 with the combination lock by the shelf. Obtain the key.
DR 3-2 Combination Lock

9. Use the key to obtain the door to escape from the room.

Speed Pass Note
Simply put the code 3677 at the safe in number 9 to obtain the key. Use the key to escape from the room.


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