y6The Doors and Rooms chapter 3-3 can be solved easily using the following walkthroughs.

DR 3-3 Room

1. Open the drawer and obtain the Name card.
2. Pick up the notebook on the desk.
3. Observe the name card and observe the last 4 digit of the phone number. Use the number 1485 to open the briefcase. Grab the USB drive inside the briefcase.

DR 3-3 Name CardDR 3-3 Briefcase Code

4. Place the USB drive into the projector slot.
DR 3-3 USB Drive

5. Observe the projector screen and find the following clues. Observe the notebook clue that you have obtained earlier in step 2. Your goal is to combine the two information together.
DR 3-3 Projector ScreenDR 3-3 Notebook

The patient folder has the following information:
4.4 Aska Rh-A
1.3 Ruly A
3.5 Uj Rh-O
5.1 Sila AB

Use the USB on the projector and you will get the following information:
Aska: Liver
Ruly: Stomach
uj: Lung
Sila: Brain

Combine this additional information with the patient chart from earlier and you will get the following:

4.4 Aska Rh-A – Liver
1.3 Ruly A – Stomach
3.5 Uj Rh-O – Lung
5.1 Sila AB – Brain

6. Open the safe with the clues that we have found in step 5.
DR 3-3 Safe

8. Place the bone into the podium and obtain the final code: 31371

DR 3-3 Bone Key Code

9. Use the code 31371 to open the final door and escape from the room.

DR 3-3 Final Code

Speed Pass Note
Simply enter the code 31371 at the final lock to pass the stage instantly.


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  1. I know, that was getting me too. The number can be read in the shadow of the bone on the right hand side of the screen. Looking in the vertebrae spaces you can see 31371.

  2. I don’t see how the the bone on podium reveal a number based on the shadow. I see two 3s but can’t see the 1 or the 7.

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