This stage has a quite bit of items for you to pick up around the room. With this guide, you will be able to note all of the items easily.

DR 3-4 Room

1. Pick up the cube on the sofa.
2. Pick up the cube inside the pocket from the pool table.
3. Pick up the cube lying on the floor to the right of screen.
4. Pick up the crumbled paper inside the trash can and dismantle it to obtain a note and a cube.
DR 3-4 Crumbled Paper

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5. Pick up another cube inside the microwave.

6. Pick up the stick on the left side of screen.
7. Pick up another half stick on the pool table. Combine the two sticks together.
DR 3-4 Combine Stick

8. Use the stick on the ceiling to drop down a coin to the floor.
DR 3-4 Ceiling Coin

9. Pick up the coin that has dropped.
10. Use the coin on the vending machine.
11. Obtain the drink that drops from the vending machine. Observe the drinks and all the cubes that you have obtained. You will find the following information:

5 – Red
4 – Purple
3 – Blue
2 – Orange
1 – White

Note the letters on the cubes:

A – Orange
B – Red
C – Purple
E – Blue
(D is the only color left thus it is White)

Now with these clues you can go to the electric breaker. Connect the following lines:

1 – White – D
2 – Orange – A
3 – Blue – E
4 – Purple – C
5 – Red – B

DR 3-4 Soda Clue

12. Head to the breaker and connect the wires accordingly. Below is a picture version if you are having trouble following the text format.
DR 3-4 Electrical Box

13. Combine the notes from the trashcan and TV. Deduce that the code is in the following order: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple. The code becomes 43158 after you match it with the paper.
DR 3-4 Paper Notes
DR 3-4 TV Clue

14. Pass the stage and escape from the room with the code 43158.
DR 3-4 Final Code Solution

Speed Pass Note
To pass this stage fast, connect the wires from the electrical breaker first. Then input the code 43158 on the lock to escape from the room.


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