This room features the operating room with a toy bear. The puzzles can be quite easy if you know what you are looking for. If you are stuck, this is the perfect walkthrough to help you solve the puzzles.

DR 3-5 Room

1. First pick up the scalpel near the left side of screen.

2. Take off the piece of cloth over the toy bear. Examine the heart to find a lock. Note the lock shows Red and Yellow side.

3. Examine the heart reader to the left side of the room. Note the numbers on the reader to be following:

Red Line: (20 + 120 + 80 + 120 + 100 + 140 + 60 + 80) / 8 = 90
Yellow Line: (120 + 60 + 120 + 60 + 120 + 20 + 60 + 40) / 8 = 75

Together you will have the code to insert into the bear’s heart – 9075. Obtain the key card after opening the heart.

DR 3-5 Heart ReadingDR 3-5 Heart Lock

4. Pick up the X-ray reading to the right of the room inside the sink.

5. Place the X-ray onto the screen to see the message hidden inside.
DR 3-5 X-Ray

6. Swipe the key card at the key pad to receive a coded message 8888.
DR 3-5 Card Swipe

7. Overlap the 8888 message against the X-ray reading. You will find that the blanked out part spells “PUSH”. Use that as your final key code to escape from the operation room.
DR 3-5 Final Code Answer

Speed Pass Note
You can skip picking up the X-ray. However, you will still need to open the heart lock to obtain the key card.


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