The chapter 3-6 is located in the patient recovery room. In this post, we will walk you through the various puzzles inside this stage.

DR 3-6 Room

First all, pick up everything available in the room.

1. Bottle of cleaner on the floor.
2. A small knife inside the drawer.
3. Piece of Cotton on the bed to the right.
4. Rope under the bed on the right.
5. Piece of paper note under the pillow.
6. A window rope hanging near the left of the room.
7. Place the window rope near the top right corner of the window. Pull it to show the windows behind it. Combine the letters from both window to see “PLEDGE”
DR 3-6 Window Clue

8. Open up the computer and type in “PLEDGE” as the password. You will then see a (^^). Check your keyboard and you can see that (^^) correspond to 9660. “( = 9”, “^ = 6”, “) = 0”
DR 3-6 Computer ClueDR 3-6 Computer Password

9. Observe the note that you have gotten from under the pillow. You will see that RGB gets erased and cut. To do that, combine the chemicals with the cotton. Then use the knife to cut out the picture in the drawing. You will see a safe. Use the code that you have gotten previously to open the safe: 9660. Grab the key inside.
DR 3-6 Combine ChemicalDR 3-6 Wipe Down HouseDR 3-6 Cut HouseDR 3-6 Safe

10. Unlock the window with the key found inside the safe from step 9.
DR 3-6 Open Window

11. Tie the rope to the shelf to the left and escape from the room!

DR 3-6 Tie Rope


Chapter 3-6 | Doors & Rooms — 30 Comments

    • Make sure to use the beaded window pull rope and not the regular rope. If you click to use it and click on the right side of the window, it should attach itself.

  1. Where does the word pledge come from? I see both windows but nothing that is remotely like the word pledge! Please help:-) x

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