Welcome to the lab stage of the Silent Hospital. In this stage you will have to do a few experiment and figure out the missing numbers. If you are having trouble with the stage, you have come to the right place that will explain everything you need to know about passing this level and escape from the room.

DR 3-7 Room

Like the other stages, first collect everything that you can from the room in this stage.

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1. Collect Anti-D from shelf.
2. Collect Anti-A from shelf.
3. Collect blood samples from the mini fridge
4. Collect Anti-B from the drawer.
5. Obtain Microscope parts from the drawer.
6. Obtain Microscope parts from the drawer.
7. Obtain paper note from the shelf on the right.

8. Place the three liquids onto the blood testing places. You will be able to observe each of the individual’s antibody information.
DR 3-7 TestingDR 3-7 Testing Result

Blood Results Information: Check the wall picture and find out what these blood results mean.
DR 3-7 Blood Result Chart

Use the chart to figure out the blood type of the different individuals:
RH-0 = Uj
A = Rully
B = Miro
RH-A = Aska
O = Max
AB = Sila

9 and 10: Setup the microscope with the parts that you have found in the drawer.
DR 3-7 Microscope Setup

Solve for the Notes
Before you move forward, you will have to take a look at your paper notes from step 7. It is a symbol algebra equation. Solve for the different shapes and obtain the following answers:

2 Star + 2 Black + 2 White = 12
4 Star + 2 Black + 2 White = 14
1 Star + 3 Black + 1 White = 10

Solve for the equations and you will find the following answers:

Star = 1
Black = 2
White = 3

DR 3-7 Notes

11. Place the lab dishes under the microscope and look at their results. You will see the following.
DR 3-7 Lab AskaDR 3-7 Lab MaxDR 3-7 Lab MiroDR 3-7 Lab RulyDR 3-7 Lab SilaDR 3-7 Lab Uj

Now plug in the numbers with their shapes plus the blood type information from earlier:
RH-0 = Uj = 6
A = Rully = 9
B = Miro = 7
RH-A = Aska = 9
O = Max = 5
AB = Sila = 6

12. With the code in your possession, pass the stage by punching in 697956 and escape from the room.
DR 3-7 Lab Final Code

Speed Pass Note
You can skip all of the steps in this room for obtaining the answer. Just enter the code 697956 and escape from the room instantly.


Chapter 3-7 | Doors & Rooms — 15 Comments

  1. he used algebra

    w = white
    b = black
    s = star

    2w + 2s + 2b = 12 and
    2w + 4s + 2b = 14 making it deducing that star = 1
    now lets remove the stars on the next equation and well get

    3b + w = 9 we cant say that black is equal to 3 bcuz that will leave us to white is equal to zero so well say black is equal to 2

    if b=2 then 3b(6) + w = 9
    w = 9 – 6
    w = 3


  2. Can someone please explain how the blood types are matched up to the people’s names? I understand how it is deduced, by ruling out impossible matches and such, but I still don’t see it. I could only say for sure that Miro was B, and Sila was AB. After that, Ruly and Aska could both have easily been A, Uj and Max could have been O, etc.

    • To match the people’s names and the blood types, look at the sheet on the table and use Anti-A, Anti-B, and Anti-D. Cross-reference to the information on the wall and you’ll get the following (ignore any with RH+):

      Sila (Red, Red, Red) RH+ AB
      UJ (Yellow, Yellow, Yellow) RH-O
      Ruly (Red, Yellow, Red) RH+A
      Aska (Red, Yellow, Yellow) RH-A
      Miro (Yellow, Red, Red) RH+B
      Max (Yellow, Yellow, Red) RH+O

  3. I didn’t know I needed algebra & a science degree to work this level out. The blood type cross referencing makes no bloody sense.

  4. How do you explain blood type A, AB & O?
    From the chart it stated Anti-D no reaction but when
    I test the bloods none has no reaction.

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