In Chapter 3-8, your goal is to escape from the Hospital Lobby. In this complete walkthrough, we will guide you through the entire process in detail.

DR 3-8 Room

1. Pick up the package on the patient bed to the right side of the room. Open it up and get the video tape.

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DR 3-8 Package

2. Check the doctor lying on the floor, grab the flash light in the dead doctor’s pocket.
DR 3-8 Doctor

3. Use the flash light at the counter near the “T” in hospital. Shine the light into the dark space, obtain the star shaped screw driver.
DR 3-8 Hidden Screw Driver DarkDR 3-8 Hidden Screwdriver

4. Place the video tape from step one into the TV to the left side of the room. Note the screen with the name ELSI news, flip it over and you will get the code 1573
DR 3-8 TVDR 3-8 TV On

5. Open the heart box lock with the code 1573. Obtain a tool box, dismantle it to get a set of tools.
DR 3-8 Heart Unlock CodeDR 3-8 Tool SetDR 3-8 All Batteries

6. Check the wheelchair and use the flat screw driver to obtain the battery pack.
DR 3-8 Wheelchair

7. Check the toy robot and use the cross screw driver to obtain the battery pack.
DR 3-8 Toy Robot

Check your inventory and dismantle your flash light to get the final battery.
DR 3-8 Flashlight DismantleDR 3-8 Flashlight Battery Dismantle

8. Observe the Christmas tree and insert the battery packs into the battery pack. Note the order that the lights link. You will need it to find the final solutions to the lock.
DR 3-8 Battery Slots

9. Observe the clue and follow the color lines, you will see the following numbers:
Green: 6
Orange: 2
Yellow: 5
Dark Blue 1:
Light Blue: 3
Red: 4
Black: 8
White: 9
Pink: 7
DR 3-8 Final Lock Clues

10. Open the door panel with the star screw driver. Punch in the code “583271496” to unlock the door and escape from the room.
DR 3-8 Door LockDR 3-8 Final Lock

Speed Pass Note
Grab the flashlight from the dead doctor. Shine at the counter near the T to open the star screw driver. Use the star screw driver near the lobby door to open up the panel. Punch in the code 583271496 and open the door to escape!


Chapter 3-8 | Doors & Rooms — 2 Comments

  1. I got lost at “follow the color lines.” Can you explain how the tree lights work more?

    Thanks! And thank you for putting this site together!

    • Remember the order of colors from the moment when they all flash. Look the shape of lines around the words in the guide map (all the green realy do a 6)

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