Chapter 4-1 features a mystery clue with some pattern stepping on the floor. Below is how you can beat the stage.

DR 4-1 Room

Check the clues to the top wall of the room. It shows a grid system of different coordinates.
DR 4-1 Clue

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Step and press the buttons on the floor to escape from the room.
DR 4-1 Solution

Speed Pass Note
Simply press the tiles on the floor to pass the stage instantly.


Chapter 4-1 | Doors & Rooms — 24 Comments

  1. I thought this was going to explain the reasoning and logic?! Even the difference of 9 as realized in the comments isn’t enough for me to truly understand the diagonal steps required for the level… Possibly I’m deficient in my geometry… But none of it is explaining the reasoning or logic.

  2. It’s only coordinates, nothing to do with the number 9. The first number is 15 (1.5), so it’s the fifth tile of the first column, the second is 24 (2.4), so it’s the fourth tile of the second column, and so on…

  3. We see the numbers like this: 1524334251, but we have to see them in this way: 15243/34251, if we realize, those are the same numbers from left to right and right to left. I think the line is dividing equally the buttons. The center line represents the number 5 … Thus seen from both sides, the first number represents the first button from the corner of both sides, these are compared with the 5 middle buttons (1, 5/5, 1), then the second diagonal line has 2 buttons , which is compared with the 4 buttons which are in diagonal (2, 4/4, 2), the remaining diagonal has only three buttons, representing the remaining numbers of each digit (3/3)(15243//34251)

  4. think of the tiles as a grid 1-5 across the top. 1-5 down the left side. 1,5 would be row one on the top, 5 tiles down. 2,4 would be row two on the top, 4 tiles down. 3,3 is row three on top, third tile down, etc…

  5. Its nothing to do with a straight line or 9. Its simply, row 1 column 5, row 2 column 4, row 3 column 3, row 4 column 2, row 5 column 1.

  6. I was hoping for better explanations also but this one I do understand. 1,5 refers to 1st column 5th Tile down 2,4 2nd column 4th tile down and so on

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