4-10 is a simple room only if you can think outside of the box.

DR 4-10 Room

The light shining into a room is like a clock. You just press the final puzzle to spell out the hour and minute based on the light.

The clue is based upon the 24 hours symbole on the wall.

DR 4-10 PuzzleDR 4-10 Final Solution


Chapter 4-10 | Doors & Rooms — 27 Comments

  1. The wall with XXIV is the place to begin. Look at the stars on the wall and imagine them as a clock face. If you press the star on the right side of the XXIV wall, you’ll hear one click (after the floor opens slightly) indicating one o’clock (the next star,2 clicks, 2 o’clock, etc). The light shinning is that of the hands of a clock, showing the time: 8:15.

    • Even that is a weak explanation. Doesn’t explain the one dot on the panel. Doesn’t explain how 5 dots on the panel = 15 minutes but 8 dots = 8 hours. Some of these are beyond difficult, they’re just impossible.

      • The explanation is simple (I searched a long time to understand…)
        The hour indicate by the room is 8:15 but on the panel you don’t have to enter the hour (8:15) but the numbers (8-1-5) and 1 dot = 1
        So, it’s simple finally….

    • Yes its impossible to solve on your own even with a 140IQ this is impossible. To many false clues. Nd irrelevant thing.

  2. Too many red herrings. Why distract us with the whole factor of 3 thing and make the cutouts look like Saturn. Then there’s the keypad, the design of which only makes sense in retrospect. The 8:15 clue was clear, but applying it to that keypad was ridiculous. I agree with Aaron. Determining that the 5 dots represent the “tens” of minutes requires an unintuitive leap that is simply mean spirited. These rooms frequently stretch concepts so far that they only come close to making sense WITH the explanation, or by purchasing clues. Shame on the designers for turning an opportunity for fun into one of frustration and futility for profit.

    • I don’t know why you would harp on the “whole factor of 3 thing” when that pattern was clearly satisfied only by 3 walls. It should be obvious thereafter that the roman numerals are sum of the numbers on each wall.

  3. What you guys keep on missing is that the five dots dont represent the tens its the one dot in the middle that does the ten and the last five are just five

  4. what does the XXVII on the bottom wall have to do with 24hrs? it totally threw me off…
    btw a quick round robin forced the door for me xp
    why bother pressing the stars for a clue you won’t hear when your phone is on silent?

  5. if you touch the stars they all blink a different number of times, but I noticed that a star to represent 8 and 3 are missing. If you apply this to a clock 3 would represent 15 minutes and 8 represents the hour.
    It’s difficult but good

  6. The Roman numerals are the total number of clicks on that particular side of the wall. The two saturns are “holes” for the 3 and 8 clicks. So for the XXIV Roman numeral: the clicks are 11 + 12 + 1 = 24. The IX is 2 + Saturn (3) + 4 = 9. And so forth.
    It’s kinda useless but interesting to know.

  7. This is beyond reasonable, its easy but i couldn’t solve it why because its so easy than its look there is no way that i can tell its a clock here why: the stars ,saturn , the colored dots” red,yellow,blue” and the moon and the star on the door i was start thinking of lunar calendar if its just a damin clock why you colored the dots if the two saturn shows the time the minutes and the hours and 8:15 the 8 was in the red dots while the 1 in yellow and 5 in blue you know who ever design this this is selly you have to make sense or at least explain here why you choose this theme why u distract us like this

  8. Anyone whining about this level here is honestly just mad that they couldn’t do it. I couldn’t solve it so i looked this solution up and it makes perfect sense now, and by noeans is this level “unreasonable” or “impossible.”

    If you divide the numbers on the right, bottom, and left wall, you get 3, 6, 9, just like a clock. Then XXIV must mean 0:00, which also translates to 24:00 or 12:00. Sure it would’ve been easier if the roman numeral said XXXVI, but then that’s too easy; once you figure out this is a clock, XXIV shouldn’t be difficult to understand.

    How do we know this is a clock? 1. The stars blinking when you click them; 2. The two lights of different length from the saturns; 3. recurring theme of “time” throughout the level 4; 4. The number of stars & saturns, which add up to 12.

    the clues are subtle but noticeable. blame ypurselves for not being able to solve it, not thesesigners.

  9. Ok I just figured it out it took me a while. Don’t get frustrated. Click the strain the wall like they are saying to do on the adjacent wall by the door there is a symbol click on that and light up the dots 8 in the first section 1 in the next 5 the next. There is a picture closer to the top. This explains 8:15. I hope this clears up all the confusion. I was out in no time once I figured this out.

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