In this guide, we will go over the entire walkthrough on beating level 4-11.

DR 4-11 Room

First, pick everything that you will need to escape from the room.

1. The metal bar
2. Obtain the gears inside the tool box.
3. Obtain the paper note inside the shelf area.
4. Pick up the battery.
5. Pick up the screw driver on the floor.

6. Combine the gear bar with the gears. Open the box with screw driver. Place it into the gear box of the pulling motor.
DR 4-11 Gear Combine

DR 4-11 Open BoxDR 4-11 Insert Gear

7. Insert the battery into the pulling system.
DR 4-11 Place Battery

8. Check the clues on top of the door. You will see the following information. The puzzle is simply taking out of the lines as described. There is no complicated mathematical problem with this.

DR 4-11 ClueDR 4-11 Paper Clue

9. Now observe the clues on the door. With the same logic, you can come up with the final answers to the number lock.

DR 4-11 Door Clue

DR 4-11 Clue 6DR 4-11 Clue 5

DR 4-11 Clue 3DR 4-11 Clue 9

10. After solving the puzzle, you can punch the final code inside: 6539 to escape from the room without dying.
DR 4-11 Final Code

Speed Pass Note
Finish the pulley setup as required in this game. Then simply type in 6539 to quickly escape from the room.


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